Scholarships for Graduate Students

Find the best way to finance your Rider graduate education.

Rider offers a graduate scholarship program that is designed to reward applicants with a strong record of performance. There is no separate scholarship application to complete, as all applications are automatically reviewed for eligibility. Scholarship recipients are notified of their award upon their acceptance.

If you're considering graduate study and want to learn more about qualifications, contact the Office of Graduate Admission at (609) 896-5036 or email

Graduate Business Graduate Education
# CreditsActual TuitionScholarship Amounts # CreditsActual TuitionScholarship Amounts
6$5,640$1,400 6$4,200$1,000
9$8,460$2,100 9$6,300$1,400
12$11,280$2,700 12$8,400$2,000


Graduate Liberal Arts and Counseling Programs
# CreditsActual TuitionScholarship Amounts
6 $4,500 $1,000
9 $6,750 $1,400
12 $9,000 $2,000


*Students who receive any supplemental funds toward their education e.g. corporate tuition remission or a graduate assistantship, will not be eligible to receive the graduate admission scholarship*


Financial aid is available to qualified graduate students under several loan programs. Examples of loan sources are the Federal Stafford loans and private student loans for students. Interested students should contact the office of Office of Financial Aid (609-896-5360) to inquire about financial aid availability and other loan possibilities, or visit the Office of Financial Aid web site at

At Rider University, we have a limited number of Graduate Assistantships available to students who are interested in gaining valuable experience working on campus. These jobs provide an excellent opportunity to engage in meaningful work, allow you to make contacts both on and off campus, while enabling you to defray the cost of your graduate work. We encourage you to research the available positions.

A standard assistantship position will require you to work for no more than 20 hours per week on campus, for which you will receive an hourly wage. Some of the available positions may have flexibility for non-traditional hours. Each semester, you will be required to complete a new assistantship agreement contract to be handled within each individual department. In addition, your compensation will include up to six credit hours of coursework that will be subsidized by the department that employs you. Please refer to the job descriptions for any variation on compensation.

To facilitate your search for an available Graduate Assistantship, all open positions are now listed on the Broncs Career Link search site.

Please note there are a limited number of assistantships available, so we encourage you to apply as soon as you find a position of interest.

To access graduate assistantship opportunities at Rider, visit Student Employment.