College of Liberal Arts, Education, and Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts, Education, and Sciences offers the intellectual experience, challenge, and skills to become inspired and motivated leaders of tomorrow whether as teachers, doctors, chemists, or writers.

Programs and Involvement Opportunities

The Shadow Experience
For Alumni & Community Business Leaders.
CLAES now offers a new credit-bearing course that partners students with successful Rider Alumni and community business leaders.

Other programs and interests:
Classroom Visitation Program
GLASS Mentor Program 
Autism Resource Center 
Liberal Arts & Science Travel Grant
Student Life
Evening and Online Programs for Adult Students

Career Advice

Hear from industry experts on leadership, the interview process, dress, confidence, globalization and communication & professional etiquette in the workplace.

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The School of Education prepares undergraduate and graduate students for professional careers in education, organizations, and agencies in the diverse American society.

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At the core of a liberal arts education are its breadth and its emphasis on multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives in problem-solving.

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Core Curriculum Requirements
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Rider University is an outstanding place for students who love science. Our curriculum will challenge you. Our faculty will guide you. And our science facilities will give you hands-on experience Rider’s early emphasis on learning in the laboratory and in the field provides a modern science education.

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Core Curriculum Requirements
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