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March 1

$200 room deposit must be received by the Cashier’s Office. Students who miss this deadline will still be housed but may have limited residence hall choices.

March 12-21

Spring Break

March 21-24

Starting on Monday, March 21, Residence Hall students must report to the Associate Dean of Students Office in the Student Center to pick up their housing agreements and lottery numbers.

March 23

Students can sign up for the same room they currently reside in by coming to the student center lobby on Wednesday March 23, 2011 between 12pm-1pm and 5-7pm.

March 24

Students can sign up for a different room than they currently reside in by coming to the Seabrook  Lounge 6:30pm-9:30pm

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is guaranteed housing?
First and second year students, as well as upperclassmen EOP students who wish to live on-campus and have deposited. Remember, all 1st/2nd year students are REQUIRED to live on-campus (unless the student lives within 20 miles from campus with their primary family).

2. Will any housing be made available to rising Juniors, and Seniors?
We anticipate we will be able to offer a limited number of spaces. The ability to select from those limited spaces will be based on lottery number.

3. Are transfer students who began in Fall 2011 guaranteed housing?
If a transfer student began the Fall 2011 semester as a FRESHMAN, then yes, that student is guaranteed housing (as they will be a sophomore next year, and sophomores are guaranteed housing. If a transfer student began in the Fall 2011 semester as a SOPHOMORE, then no, that student is not guaranteed housing (as juniors and seniors are not guaranteed housing), but may deposit in hopes to become eligible for a space on campus.

4. How much is the non-refundable housing deposit and when it is due?
The non-refundable housing deposit is $200 ($20 for EOP) and is due by March 1, 2011.

5. What do you mean by “non-refundable”?
The $200 room deposit is non-refundable.  Students who pay the $200 deposit and then withdraw from housing forfeit the deposit.

6. How can I pay my housing deposit?
There are many ways in which you may pay your deposit.

  • You may mail a check or money order (made out to Rider University, with your Bronc ID Number and “Housing Deposit” written on the memo) to the Cashier’s Office on the Lawrenceville Campus.
    The address to the Cashier’s Office is:
    Cashier’s Office
    Rider University
    2083 Lawrenceville Road
    Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
  • You may personally deliver your check (made out to Rider University, with your Bronc ID Number and “Housing Deposit” written on the memo), money order, cash, or credit card payment to the Cashier’s Office on the Lawrenceville Campus or the Bursar’s Office (located in the Admissions Suite) in Williamson Hall.
  • If you choose to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express), you may call the Cashier’s Office at 609-896-5000 x5390 (Lawrenceville).
  • To pay online follow these easy steps:
    1) Visit MyInfo
    2) Click “My Info for New Students and Guests” in the gray box.
    3) Click on “What’s my User ID?” and enter Last Name & SSN or Bronc ID.
    4) Once you have your user ID, click “Login.”
    5) Enter your user ID and password from above.
    6) Click again on “My Info for New Students and Guests” in the gray box.
    7) Click on “iPay Deposits” and then “Make a Payment.”
    8) Select the appropriate term. If you are requesting housing click all three boxes (Tuition, Room, and Security). Commuters should select Tuition, only.
    9) Enter your credit card number and select “Submit.”

7. Next academic year, I will be a junior (or senior) and I currently live on campus. If I want to move off campus for next year, do I need to inform ADOS?
Yes. Please come to ADOS to complete an Application to Live Off-Campus. It not only informs us of your intent, but we can also update your local address for next year.

8. What is squatting?
All students who have made the lottery cut-off (rising Sophomores automatically make lottery) will have the option of keeping their current room for next year (known as “squatting”). This may ONLY be done so long as the student squatting has secured a roommate who has also made the lottery cut-off (this does not have to be your current roommate). In the event that both roommates want to keep the room, but do not want to live with each other, the student with the higher lottery number will have preference. Squatting is not a 100% guarantee that you will keep your current room for next year. Residence Life does reserve the right to change your room assignment if deemed necessary.

9. Can I squat my room or sign into a new room without having a roommate?
No. You may not keep your current room for next year or choose a new room without a roommate. Due to the space constraints on campus, as well as accommodating first year students, it is important that we pair residents together. If you cannot find someone to live with, make sure to hand in your housing agreement to a Residence Life staff member during the Room Selection process. Once you are paired with another student, you will be notified of your room assignment.

10. If I squat my room, does it mean that I can keep my belongings in my room over the summer?
No. Your belongings must be taken home with you for the summer.

11. How can I “pull in” a roommate?
For example, if you would like to squat your room (and your roommate plans on living elsewhere), you may ask another student who has made lottery to live with you. When you squat your room, you simply bring that person (along with both of your Housing Applications and Agreements) with you. If you choose not to squat and you are going through the regular Room Selection process, find a roommate and sign up for a room together sing the person’s lottery number which is higher (but remember that a rising senior with a lottery number of 20 is higher than that of a rising junior with a lottery number of 5…..class seniority counts more!)

12. What if I cannot attend the housing process that I am interested in (i.e. Squatting, Room Selection)?
If you cannot make the particular housing process you are interested in, you may have a proxy do what is necessary in your place. Make sure they bring with them your signed Housing Application and Agreement, as well as a note (signed by you) stating that the person is your official proxy. If you cannot make a process and you do not send a proxy, you will risk losing the particular kind of housing you want.

13. What can I do if I want a single room?
At this time we do not anticipate being able to offer single rooms for the Fall 2011 semester on the Princeton Campus.

14. What is the “lottery cut-off”?
If it is determined that too many upper class students desire on-campus housing for next year (and have deposited), a certain number of those students will not will not be able to participate in the Squatting or Room Selection processes.

15. What if I do not make the lottery cut-off?
If you do not make the cut off, you will automatically be placed on the housing wait-list. If vacancies open up at any point before or during the summer, we will contact you. Being on a waiting list does not guarantee you housing, so please make housing plans appropriately.

16. What should I do if I want to be removed from the housing wait-list?
Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the Subject: “Removal from Housing Wait-List”. Include your name, Bronc ID, and simply state that you wish to be removed from the housing wait-list for the 2011-12 academic year. Assuming you haven’t already been offered on-campus housing and it is prior to September 1, 2011 your deposit will be credited to your student account.

17. What if I am “displaced” and not allowed to squat my current room?
Some students may not have the option to squat their room due to changes that could be made in the room’s designation (i.e., a female room will become a male room, some rooms will be designated as singles). These students are considered “displaced” and will be notified. Upon making the lottery cut-off, these students will be allowed to choose their new room first during the Room Selection process. Again, all students must sign into a room with a roommate.

18. How can I get my housing deposit back?
The housing deposit is non-refundable to all students required to live on campus or those upper class students who are offered housing. For students who are placed on the housing wait-list, a refund may be granted prior to opening day if: a) no room assignment is made, or b) the student withdraws from the wait-list.

19. What if I want to request an air conditioner?
Air conditioners are not permitted in student rooms unless approved by the A/C review committee. If you have been approved for a personal air conditioner in the past you will be required to room select in those buildings with air conditioning. Any exceptions will be considered for medical conditions only. All new requests must be submitted via the Rider specific medical form by March 25, 2011. Print the AC form for your physician. Medical Request Information