Housing Accommodation Requests

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It is the policy of Rider University to provide housing to qualified students with disabilities, consistent with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. We provide comparable, accessible housing to students with disabilities at the same cost as to others. We make reasonable modifications to our housing policies and procedures, unless do so would result in a fundamental alteration of our housing program.

Students may request housing & dining accommodations for a disability or medical condition by downloading this form and submitting a completed form to the Services for Students with Disabilities Office. To initiate the process, students must pay the housing deposits and complete the housing agreement by the annual housing deadlines.

In addition, students requesting housing & dining accommodations (e.g. 1st floor, strobe lights, accessible exterior entrance/exit) must complete the Request for Disability Housing Accommodations form and supply appropriate documentation. The deadline for submission of this form is March 1 for returning students and May 1 for new students. Forms and documentation received after these deadlines may result in delays in obtaining reasonable accommodations. Each housing & dining accommodation request is reviewed by a committee of representatives from the Residence Life Office, Services for Students with Disabilities and Student Health Services. Among other accommodations, many students request air conditioned rooms. Because there are limited residence halls with air conditioning, students are encouraged to submit requests promptly to avoid delays in receiving this accommodation. Each request is reviewed on an individualized basis and students are reminded that air conditioners/air conditioning is available as an accommodation only to students who establish a need for an air conditioner due to a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.

In some instances, the University may determine that a student has not provided documentation sufficient to support a request for a particular modification and may deny a student’s request or provide an alternative reasonable accommodation. Students who disagree with the University’s decision regarding a requested accommodation or modification may file a complaint by contacting Dr. Barbara Blandford in the Services for Students with Disabilities Office.