Choose your clothing for an audition day carefully. An audition is similar to a job interview, in terms of apparel.  The clothes for your audition should be somewhat dressy, appropriate, tasteful and generally conservative.  We suggest that you practice in the shoes you plan to wear. Jeans are not appropriate audition attire.

Show good judgment in the material you select to present for your audition. Choose audition material that is appropriate for your age and experience.

Be able to answer questions about your audition material. Don’t be caught off guard if the faculty asks a question about your song or monologue and it’s meaning or context. 

An accompanist will be provided for all vocal auditions. You will not be able to rehearse with the accompanist before your audition. Please be sure your music is well-marked and presented in a binder without sheet protectors. You will not be able to audition a cappella or with a recorded accompaniment. 

Musical Theatre and Theatre Performance applicants should bring two copies of a one page résumé and headshot. The headshot should be a recent 8 x 10 photograph. The résumé should include all training and experience you have had in music, theatre, and dance and be stapled to the back of the headshot. 

The Admission Office staff and artistic faculty are not able to provide individual feedback from student auditions because of the volume of candidates to consider. We ask your understanding, and thank you in advance.