• How you learn is as important as what you learn.

    Our interdisciplinary approach matches committed students with an engaged, passionate faculty that’s eager to share their knowledge with you. Small classes invite you to share ideas, listen to others’ experiences and be an active part of your own education – that lasts far beyond the classroom – and graduation.

  • Challenge yourself.

    Rider’s Baccalaureate Honors Program is team-taught classes by professors from diverse disciplines and is offered to students in all majors. Exclusively for Business majors, the Business Honors Program takes a team-centered approach. Both programs offer special Honors housing and faculty mentors. Learn more at www.rider.edu/honorsprograms.

  • 22 Average number of students in a class.
  • 12:1 Student/faculty ratio
  • Leadership is more than just “being in charge."

    No matter what your major or career, leadership skills are critically important to both academic and life success. That’s why every part of your experience at Rider provides opportunities to build the skills that make great leaders..

  • 19 Over the past four years, 19 Rider students have been selected to participate in the prestigious, nationally competitive Johnson & Johnson’s Leadership Development Programs.
  • 262 Rider alumni include presidents, CEOs and leaders of national and international corporations and organizations.
  • Think beyond borders.

    Study abroad is a chance to literally expand your world view, experience other cultures and gain a global perspective. Global study opportunities include studies, internships and service-learning..

  • 5 For the fifth consecutive year, competing against more than 300 teams from around the world, Rider’s Model U.N. Team received the Outstanding Delegation Award — the highest possible honor — and the Outstanding Position Paper Award.
  • 69 Number of countries our international students call home.
  • Make a difference.

    Whatever your interests — health, education, poverty, social justice, politics or the environment — Rider offers the classes, student service programs, cause-related student clubs and service learning opportunities that will help you become an agent of real change.

  • Top 7% Rider’s rank among America’ “greenest” universities and colleges.
  • 1000 The number of students and community members who together raised more than $50,000 for cancer research through Rider’s 2012 Relay for Life.
  • You-centered.

    Student life at Rider is all about you. It means providing you with the people, opportunities and resources you need to discover your passions, find your purpose and make informed decisions. Not just while you’re at Rider, but for life.

  • 150 The number of student clubs and organizations that give you the chance to express yourself.
  • 50/5 More than 50 different meal options are available every day at five different dining areas.

Building Locations

  • Students come to Rider – and stay – for its sense of community.
    It's easy to become connected to the Rider community. People here saw leadership potential in me. They encouraged me to get involved. They inspired me to do more. Rider has changed me as a person and as a leader.
    – Jeff Morales, Mahwah, NJ – Class of 2013
  • It’s my turn to step up and give back.
    Community service offers a way to make a difference in the lives of children and young adults. They’re the future. If we can serve as positive role models, we’re setting them up for something good.
    – Lonz Fields, New York City, NY – Class of 2012
  • When you see how you can apply learning to your life and career, it all makes sense.
    Knowing there’s a connection between what I’m learning and what I can do with that knowledge fuels my interest and my drive to do better. Rider makes those real-world connections.
    – Justin Esteban, Bethel, CT – Class of 2014
  • There’s a culture of involvement at Rider that helped me build my leadership skills.
    I’m constantly developing my skills — from practicing my public speaking to learning to work as part of a team, collaborating and implementing ideas. Every step of the way, Rider gives you direction and encouragement.
    – Monica Stachowski, Allentown, PA – Class of 2013
  • Going global – living and studying in another country – opens your eyes.
    You can't put a value on that type of experience. Immersing yourself in another culture puts all your skills to work. It's made me a better student and a better person.
    – Libby Hanks, East Greenwich, RI – Class of 2013
Founded in 1865; Merged with Westminster Choir College in 1992
Rider students hail from 43 states and 82 countries
Over 60,000 alumni in all 50 states and 88 countries
Approximately 900 freshmen enroll at Rider each year