Buzz A Bronc: Annual Giving Phonathon

At Rider University Phonathon, students contact alumni, parents, and friends of the University in order to build relationships and secure support. This personal contact is the best way to communicate important campus news and explain the importance of the Annual Fund. What better way to hear about the importance of supporting The Rider Fund than from a student who is benefitting from your generosity right now! 

When you get a call feel free to ask questions about all the latest Rider happenings! An alumnus sharing their collegiate experiences with a Phonathon student through the telling of priceless stories spreads invaluable wisdom and teaches the student the importance of investing in Rider.

Last fiscal year, student callers reached nearly 25,000 alumni and more than 3,200 alumni made the decision to pledge because of a call from a Phonathon student. 

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Results from Last Fiscal Year

Total Contacted: 24,637
Total Dollars Raised: $233,063