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Break Housing Policies

In an effort to provide residence hall security during a time when the residence halls are closed, we have created guidelines for students who remain on campus through vacations. Please note the information below and be cautious as you come and go. We ask your cooperation in abiding by these regulations as you have been granted the privilege of staying in the halls when school is not in session.

  1. Only those students whose names are submitted to Residence Life by a coach, faculty or administrative staff member are permitted to reside on campus during vacations.
  2. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted, regardless of legal age. THE CAMPUS IS DRY WHEN THE UNIVERSITY IS CLOSED.
  3. No cooking in student rooms.
  4. No guests are permitted.
  5. There will be no mail delivery.
  6. All students approved to stay will be held financially accountable for any damage in their hall during the vacation. This will include cleaning fees, if necessary.
  7. All other Social Code regulations remain in effect during this time.
  8. Doors and windows are to be closed each time you exit the building. PLEASE DO NOT PROP DOORS.
  9. Call Public Safety (X5029) immediately if you notice strangers in or around the building.
  10. In the event of a fire alarm, evacuate immediately. Public Safety will respond and instruct you when you may re-enter the building.

Important phone numbers

  • Public Safety x5029
  • Residence Life x5102
  • Facilities x5080

Violation of any of these guidelines may result in the immediate revocation of housing privileges.

Winter Break Housing

Winter Break housing information will be updated in Fall.

Spring Break Housing

Spring Break housing information will be updated in Fall.