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Will there be a charge to use Student Health Services?

  • In general, there is no charge for the services provided by Student Health Services. However there will be a nominal charge for vaccines and medication that may be dispensed. Any laboratory testing will be sent to either Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp laboratories. Students with private insurance should determine which laboratory participates with their insurance to insure that the cost for laboratory services will be covered under their insurance policy. Students are responsible for payment of all services obtained outside of Student Health Services, such as doctor’s bills for consultative work, x-rays, ambulance services, hospitalizations, and surgery.

Should I waive the Rider Group Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Policy?

How can I go about finding my immunization records and what will the university accept as adequate proof?

If I use Student Health Services, will they notify my parents?

  • All student's health records are kept as confidential as possible. Medical information documented in health records will not be released to anyone (including parents if students are over 18 years of age) without the student’s written consent to discuss their medical condition. The student is responsible for notifying his or her parent(s) or guardian regarding any health problem. Please note: immunization records are not confidential because a student's immunization status must be made available to state inspectors in order to comply with New Jersey law. Authorization to release medical records form.

What should I do if I become ill when Student Health Services is closed?

  • Just as when you are at home, if you should become sick with something minor like a fever (below 103 degrees), sore throat, ear ache, vomiting or a urinary tract infection, most illnesses can wait for the morning when Health Services opens again. Each student should come to campus with simple remedies that can be taken for such times. Things like band-aids, thermometer, ice/hot pack, cough and cold remedies, medications such as Pepto-Bismol for upset stomach or diarrhea and especially fever reducers and pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen are “musts” when preparing to come to campus.

    If the symptoms are more severe and have you concerned, you can call the Department of Public Safety at 609.896.5029 and a security officer will respond and call an ambulance if needed. Capitol Health System at Helene Fuld, a regional trauma center is about 10 minutes south of campus on Route 206. If the student is experiencing a true emergency, then the Public Safety emergency number should be called at 609.896.7777. Other hospitals within Mercer County are: Capital Health Systems at Mercer Campus, Robert Wood Johnson Hamilton Hospital, The University Medical Center at Princeton, St. Francis Hospital.

    If Student Health Services are closed for the weekend, there are several walk-in clinics in the area that the student can go for help.

What should I do about classes that I miss when I am sick? Will Student Health Services give me a note for my missed classes?

  • Students are responsible for notifying professors of absences from class due to illness or injury and for making arrangements for completion of academic requirement. If needed, Student Health Services can provide documentation confirming the date(s) of your visit(s) to the clinic.