Tips For Safe Partying

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Safe Drinking Tips!

It is federal law that anyone under the age of 21 does not consume alcoholic beverages. Rider University does not support underage drinking. This is merely an informational tool for people to use when deciding to drink.

Safe drinking tips:

  1. Know your limit & plan ahead.
  2. Eat food before and while you drink.
  3. Sip your drink (slow down).
  4. Skip a drink now and then and substitute with a non-alcoholic drink (another great tip is to have a glass of water with your drink, and sip on that between sips of your drink).
  5. Beware of unfamiliar drinks.
  6. Appoint a designated driver.
  7. Respect the rights of individuals who do not wish to drink.
  8. Keep track of how many drinks you are consuming.
  9. Space your drinks.
  10. Drink for quality vs. quantity.
  11. Avoid drinking games.
  12. Plan ahead for transportation — don’t drink and drive!
  13. Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know.
  14. When ordering a drink at the bar, watch the bartender make your drink so you can know how much alcohol you will be having.
  15. Alcohol and sex do not mix — drunken sex is not consensual sex.
  16. Careful what you combine, most drugs and alcohol do not mix well. Be sure to read all warning labels. 
  17. If you are pregnant, might be pregnant, or are attempting to become pregnant, do not consume any type of alcoholic beverage.

Check out this resource to calculate your BAC on a typical night!

Virtual Bar and BAC Calculator

Author: Julie Hynes (August 9, 2013)