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Alcohol/Drug & Sexual Assault Prevention Education Program

Rider University’s Alcohol/Drug & Sexual Assault Prevention Education Program (ASAP) promotes, supports, and encourages healthy living behaviors by providing alcohol and other drug education, recovery support as well as engaging and empowering community members to actively participate in creating a campus that is free from sexual and relationship violence. ASAP strives to help students make healthier, safer choices by utilizing creative programming, evidence-based education and individualized support.

For further information please contact the Dean of Student's Office:

phone: 609-896-5102
email: [email protected]

ASAP provides at no cost, alcohol, marijuana and other drug education, support, and referral recommendations by student request or by referral from a Rider Office, to include: The Office of Community Standards, Residence Life, Counseling Center, Student Health and Athletics. ASAP Coordinator will also meet with students for court required education.

ASAP provides support, education and referrals to on/off campus resources for students who have experienced interpersonal violence and abuse - including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking. NOTE: ASAP Coordinator is deemed a responsible employee and is required to promptly report incidents of interpersonal violence to include sexual assault or misconduct as well as incidents of self-harm or potential harm to others.

ASAP understands the unique challenges that students in recovery face in the college environment and is committed to helping students in recovery through a network of supports and resources throughout campus and in the local community. ASAP strives to create a nurturing and supportive environment where students in recovery are empowered to achieve, personal, academic, and professional goals.