The Pub

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The Pub is a Rider landmark that has created great memories for generations of Broncs thanks to its legendary atmosphere and amazing performances throughout the years. The Rider Pub is 18 to enter, 21+ to drink.

Pub Hours of Operation

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 5 p.m. - Midnight

The following rules and policies apply to the Rider Pub and other events where alcohol is licensed to be served:

  • An adequate supply of non-alcoholic beverages must be served;
  • Any non-Rider person must be the designated guest of a Rider community member;
  • Any individual violating the following Pub regulations as defined by the executive committee of the Rider University cooperative council may be subject to loss of Pub privileges and/or judicial consequences:
    • Failure to show one’s Rider photo ID card when requested to do so by any Pub employee
    • Stealing, destruction or defacement of any Pub property
    • Taking any alcoholic beverages out of the Pub or bringing any alcoholic beverages into the Pub
    • Failure to leave the Pub when requested to do so by the Pub authority
    • Any actions which may endanger the Pub/event license such as profane language, fighting, intoxication, etc.
    • Any actions which disturb the general decorum
    • Possession or use of any illegal substances
    • Gambling
    • Disregard for behavior of one’s guests