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A Student's Prayer

Loving Father,
I stand before you in the midst of confusion and complexities of life.
My future sometimes seems distant and unknown.

Give me, O Lord, the vision to see the path you set before me.
Grant me the courage to follow your way,
that through the gifts and talents you have given me,
I may bring your life and your love to others.
I ask this through Jesus, your Son and my Brother.


Prayer for My Intellect

Lord, you are the Source of all Life, all Truth, and all Beauty,

I pray to you today, with all my heart, for my intelligence,
this light in me, this plant which demands years and years of care,

this thing in me, mysterious and moving, this activity which sometimes bounds up, sometimes slows down,

which sometimes lifts me up with enthusiasm and sometimes exasperates me,

I pray for this thing which runs after ideas, symbols and numbers,

this thing which all of a sudden has penetrated inside the thought of another and melds with it like the fusion of two lights
a fusion which bring about warmth and light.

I pray to you for my mind as you are the Supreme Intelligence which penetrates, illuminates, and embraces all our intelligences.

Lord, help make my intelligence amenable to all truths, able to understand the thoughts of others;

give to me the wisdom to know the meaning and purpose of my life and learning, so that my knowledge, understanding, and skills may help in some little ways to make this world a better place, for your greater glory.


Translated and adapted from French by Dr. Chau T. Phan, Rider University, Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648-3099, from Fernand Lelotte, S.J., Rabboni: Consignes et prières pour mieux servir, 9è edition, 1958 (Paris, Casterman; Bruxelles, Foyer Notre-Dame. Imprimatur, 1955.)


Prayer before Studying

St. Thomas Aquinas

Come, Holy Spririt, Divine Creator,
true source of light and fountain of wisdom!

Pour forth your brilliance upon my dense intellect,
dissipate the darkness which covers me,
that sin and of ignorance.

Grant me,
a penetrating mind to understand,
a retentive memory,
method and ease in learning,
the lucidity to comprehen, and
abundant grace in expressing myself.

Guide the beginning ofmy work,
direct its progress,
and bring it to successful completion.

This I ask through Jesus Christ,
true God and true man,
living and reigning with you
and the Father, forever and ever.


[Translated from Frenand Lelotte, S.J., Rabboni (ParisL Casteman, 1955) by Dr. Chau T. Phan, Rider University.]

Prayer to Our Lady of Studies
by Saint Thomas Aquinas

O Mary, Seat of Wisdom,
so many persons of common intellect
have made through your intercession
admirable progress in their studies.

I hereby choose You as
guardian and patron of my studies.
I humbly ask You to obtain for me
the grace of the Holy Spirit,
so that from now on I could
- understand more quickly,
- retain more readily, and
- express myself more fluently.

May the example of my life serve
to honor You and your Son, Jesus.

Prayer to Mary for a Good Mind
A. Hanrion, S.J.

O Mary, my Mother,
I offer you my soul, my mind, and my heart.
Make of me God's instrument.

Give me a penetrating mind to discover,
firm to judge,
open to understand,
free to serve the truth; an honest mind in telling what it sees rather than what it wants to see;

a tolerant mind which does not dictate to other people,
but which explain what it sees clearly;

a mind infused by the light and the truth of your Son Jesus,
patient in faith,
while waiting for the vision of eternal life.


Translated and adapted from Fernand Lelotte, S.J., Rabboni, Consignes et prieres pour mieux servir (Paris, Casterman, 1958), by Chau T. Phan, Rider University Catholic Campus Ministry.

A Teacher's Prayer

I want to teach my students how to live this life on earth,
to face its struggles and its strife and improve their worth.

Not just the lesson in a book or how the rivers flow,
but how to choose the proper path wherever they may go.

To understand eternal truth and know the right from wrong
and gather all the beauty of a flower and a song.

For if I help the world to grow in wisdom and grace
then I shall feel that I have won and I have filled my place.

And so I ask your guidance, God that I may do my part
for character and confidence and happiness of heart.


A Teacher's Prayer
by Marsha Elyn Wright

Help me be grateful
For the students who like to learn, And feel challenged by those who don't.
Help me be thankful
For the students love, And understand those I'm learning to love.
Help me be motivated
By the students who learn to think, And be committed to those afraid to try.
Help me be inspired
By the students who choose right over wrong, And be patient with those who lack the courage.
Help me be gentle
With the students who make mistakes, And learn to forgive the difficult child.
Help me be wise
With the students building character, And be unwavering with those without conscience.
Help me be committed
To the students who are responsible, And be persistent with those who value nothing.
Help me be calm
In the midst of violence, And model self-control in the midst of anger.
Help me be faithful
In the days of discouragement, And be dedicated to make one child smile.

by Richard Peck

And it's lonely work because I'm the only member of my species in the room.

I like kids. and l love my subject matter.
And I have higher hopes for these kids of mine than they have for themselves:
I want them to create. They want to consume.
I want them to love the world. They want the world to love them.
I want every day to be different. They want every day to be the same.
I want then to burn with zeal, about something. They want to be cool, about everything.
I want them to think. They want me to tell them.
I want the bell to ring. They want the bell to ring.

I'm not their buddy. I don't want to be. I've seen what they do to their buddies.
I'm not their parent, and yet they'rc looking high and Iow for parents and can't seem to find them.
I'm their teacher. I don't want thcm to take me at my word. I want them to find the words.

So I'm perfectly willing to move mountains, if you'll send me some hands for the end of my lever:
Send me a couple of administrators who care more about standards than they do about their jobs.
Send me the occasional parent who sees in me a colleague, not a scapegoat.
Send me a few kids every year, willing to brave their peers in order to learn.

I want to make bricks. Could you send me some straw?