Catholic Campus Ministry

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Welcome! As we begin another year here at Rider University, we welcome you to our worshipping community here in Gill Chapel. We are thrilled that you are with us and hope that you will enjoy your experiences here and join us for other community gatherings at Emmaus House, the Catholic Campus Center at Rider.

The home of Catholic Campus Ministry is Emmaus House, located just across Route 206 facing Switlik Residence Hall. It is open to anyone interested in a quiet place to study or to relax. This also applies to the patio area at the rear of the house. Emmaus House is open daily from noon until midnight.

There are Catholic reading materials and a large-screen TV. Please come over and get acquainted. Father Jakub, the Catholic chaplain and CCM advisor, is available to you as a priest and a friend. Please consult the schedule of events for announcements of meetings, parties, and other events at Emmaus House.

It was on the road to Emmaus that the disciples found their hearts burning with faith in the Risen Christ. Through the breaking of the bread, they came to recognize that they were walking with Jesus all along and not knowing it. We hope that through Catholic Campus Ministry you will encounter Christ as your companion.