• Leadership and Training Retreats
    At the beginning of each semester, the Office of Greek Life hosts a retreat with student leaders to hone skills and plan events for the upcoming semester. The retreats usually take place over a three to four day period before classes begin. This intensive and specific training is one of the many benefits that are available to Greek students as a result of the Universities support and belief in the opportunities that these organizations bring to our campus.

    House Manager Training occurs in August in conjunction with Resident Advisor Training. We provide a handbook which is all-inclusive of policies, procedures, and expectations for all student residential staff. We cover topics that range from skill building to fire safety and from successful counseling referrals to creating a healthy community in your residence. We also conduct a January renewal with all undergraduate staff to keep these concepts and ideas fresh.

    Chapter President Training occurs in January each year when the majority of our chapter presidents enter their term of office. Their training is two to three days prior to the start of classes and also includes a comprehensive Chapter Handbook which provides general information as well as policies and procedures from the University and risk management guidelines through the Fraternal Information and Programming Group.
  • Greek 101 Lecture Series
    Each semester a minimum of three lecture style educational programs are held with an emphasis on Greek Life. Each Greek student is required to attend a minimum of two of these programs and topics range from risk management to understanding diversity to state of the community addresses. The programs are organized by the governing council with advisement from the Office of Greek Life.
  • Social Responsibility Training
    The Office of Greek Life provides specific training each semester for members to improve their understanding of the policies and procedures related to fraternities and sororities and their social activities. The training addresses alcohol use, hazing, harassment, violence, peer intervention, and individual and group accountability.

    One such training is the nationally recognized "Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS)" for the University program. Each of our coordinator / house director staff members is certified to teach this curriculum and our goal is to train at least 100 students each academic year.

    New Member Educator Training occurs each semester. This training reviews all rules, regulations, policies and guidelines for creating a positive new member process that does not include any form of Hazing. All New Member Educators are required to attend this session each semester. If a new member educator misses the training, the chapter has received a warning letter from the Office of Greek Life instructing them that the individual must set up an individual meeting with a staff member to receive all materials and review the information. Failure to do so would result in the chapter being prohibited from conducting a new member process for the semester. See our New Member Educator Handbook for more detail on what is covered in the training.
  • New Member Programs
    Each semester about 100 new students join fraternities and sororities at Rider. For these students the governing council and the Office of Greek Life partner to provide programs that welcome them into the community and educate them about Greek topics. The first program is social in nature and includes ice breaker activities to build relationships amongst the organizations. Additional programs include the history and structure of the Greek Community and the added responsibility that comes with membership.

    Each chapter also has its own new member program and students interested in joining should speak with the chapters about what they entail. The University requires that all new members be initiated within six (6) weeks of bid acceptance. The University also has a strict policy against hazing activities and works diligently to ensure that hazing does not occur within our chapters.
  • Greeks Organized Around Leadership and Service (G.O.A.L.S.)
    This new program which is geared towards the newest initiates in Greek Life and students self select into a new cohort which is renewed each semester. A variety of leadership topics are covered and it is a chance for these students to gain skills and work with staff members which only increases their connection to staff and their understanding of positive Greek behavior and accountability. Students meet for one hour one time each week. At the end of the ten week program, the entire group participates in a community service oriented project.