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Spring 2010

Q. Am I required to live in the house?
A. Yes. Students at Rider who live on campus and join fraternities and sororities must participate in room selection in the area designated for their membership. We also provide for over flow in Omega House for greek students who are not able to select into their House. They will not be permitted to room select in the residence halls unless there is no room for them in Greek housing or overflow.

Q. Who is eligible?
A. In the Greek Houses, incoming juniors and seniors will be given priority to select their desired room. Should space be available in the house new members will then be able to room select.

Q. Who is not eligible?
A. Students with start term’s prior to 06/FA, graduate students, students who have withdrawn and are seeking readmission and students who do not course select can all pay the housing deposit and be placed on the waiting list. These groups are not eligible to room select and will not receive a lottery number for standard room selection in the residence halls or Greek Houses.

Q. What is the cost to live in the house?
A. Listed below is the per semester cost to live in a standard double room in the house. The difference in costs is reflective of those houses that operate their own kitchen. The additional fee goes towards the inspections, maintenance, and utilities that the University pays to keep the kitchen open and operational. (These cost reflect 10/11 housing costs)

  • Alpha Xi Delta - $4010
  • Delta Phi Epsilon - $3910
  • Phi Sigma Sigma - $3410 
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon - $3410
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon - $3410
  • Zeta Tau Alpha - $3910

Q. Do I have to pay the Room Deposit to live in the house?
A.Yes. Room Deposits ($200) are due March 1st. This deposit is required if you want housing next Fall. Payment may be made through the Cashiers office (x5390) in the second floor of the student center, or online. This deposit must be paid each year you wish to live on campus/in the house.

Q. Is the deposit refundable?
A. The $200.00 room deposit is non refundable to all students who voluntarily break their housing application. Waitlisted students who do not receive a room assignment by September 1st are eligible for a refund. Anyone seeking a refund must make a request for a return of their deposit.

Q. Do I have to fill out a Housing Application to live in the house?
A. Yes. If you pay your housing deposit by March 1st, your Housing Application will be given to you during the Greek room selection. If you pay your housing deposit after March 1st, you will be placed on a wait list.

Q. I never paid my room deposit. Can I still pick a room?
A. No. The $200 deposit is due by March 1st and must be paid in order to participate in Greek Room Selection. Only those students who pay the $200 room deposit and submit their housing application at Room Selection on March 25th (March 26th for new members) will be able to room select. FAILURE TO PAY YOUR HOUSING DEPOSIT BY MARCH 1st WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING WAIT LISTED.

Q. What is the Greek Room Selection schedule?
A.: March 1: $200 room deposit must be received by the Cashier’s office. Students who miss this deadline will be placed on a wait list for housing.

Tentetive Schedule
March 20: Housing applications are issued to eligible residents in the residence halls who have paid their deposits.
March 23: Greek Room selection, 10:00 pm, BLC Theater.
March 27: Residence Hall Room Selection, Time TBD, Cavalla Room.
April 21: Room Assignments will be cancelled for students who have not course selected.

Q. When does Greek Room Selection take place and who conducts it?
A. Greek Room Selection will take place March 23th and will be conducted by both the House Director and House Manager. The location is TBD.

Q. How does Greek Room Selection work?
A. On the night of room selection (March 23th), members will be called up via the order provided by the house manager to select their room. The order or priority list is created by the chapter.

Q. What do I have to bring to Room Selection?
A. Your Rider photo ID

Q. Are double singles available next Fall?
A. No. The anticipated demand for Rider housing does not permit double/singlesat this time.

Q. Can I select a roommate who is in the Junior Year Abroad program?
A. Yes, provided he or she has paid the $200 room deposit and submitted their housing agreement to Residence Life.

Q. What if the house is full and I don’t get a space?
A. Each house is required to be filled to capacity before members can room select in the residence halls. New members who do not get a space in their own housewill room select in the Greek overflow house "Omega House". If there is no space in Omega House students should plan to participate in the Residence Life Room Selection on Sunday, March 27th in the Cavalla Room. These students will utilize the lottery number assigned to them by the Residence Life Office. In addition, these students will be placed in a priority order to move out of the residence halls into the Greek houses through out the summer if/when vacancies occur.

Q. What are my meal options?
A. In Fall 2010, the chapters listed below will be on the Carte Blanche University Meal Plan which allows unlimited access to Daly Dining Hall from 7:00 am-7:00 pm weekdays and 9:00 am-7:00 pm weekends. Residents get a choice between "Carte Blanche" ($175 in Bronc Bucks plus 5 guest passes each semester), "Carte Blanche Plus" ($275 in Bronc Bucks plus the 5 guest passes each semester), and the "14 Meal Plane" ($375 in Bronc Bucks plus the 5 guest passes each semester). All members living on campus (either in the house or in the residence halls) will be required to participate in this meal plan. The Meal Plan is billed through the University and will be approximately $2190 each semester.

  • Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon (University House)
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon (Omega House)

In Fall 2010, the chapters listed below will be providing meal plans through their house which generally includes 9 cooked meals each week and continental breakfast. The Meal Plan is billed through the chapter and the cost is listed next to the individual chapter. In addition, members may add Bronc Bucks or commuter meal plans at their leisure to supplement the chapter meal plan. Contact Residence Life or Greek Life for more details.
Members living in the residence halls may have the option of participating in the Chapter meal plan by contacting the Residence Life Office and paying a $100 fee to cover the costs of operating the Kitchen. Members living in the residence halls, who do not choose this option, must be on the Carte Blanche University Meal Plan. (These cost reflect 07/08 housing costs)

  • Alpha Xi Delta - $
  • Delta Phi Epsilon - $
  • Zeta Tau Alpha - $

Q. What furniture is included?
A. The chapters listed below have University issued furniture provided in their houses. This includes a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe/closet and/or dresser for each student. This furniture must remain in the room and cannot be altered in any way.

  • Alpha Xi Delta
  • Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon

The chapters listed below have opted out of utilizing University issued furniture. Most of the members bring furniture from home to keep their space unique. You must work with the House Manager and House Director to determine what the set up is in the room you have been assigned. If there is an item missing that you need, you may be able to purchase items and be reimbursed through the University. For full rules on the “Greek Furniture Rebate” contact the Office of Greek Life as soon as you realize that you are in need of a furniture item.

  • Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Zeta Tau Alpha

Q. What if I want to request an air conditioner?
A. Air conditioners are not permitted in student rooms. Any exceptions will be considered for medical conditions only. All requests must be submitted via the Rider specific medical form by March 12th.

Q. What will my phone extension be next year?
A. When you choose your room assignment, your new phone number and jack designation will be noted on your copy of the housing agreement. Save this copy so you remember your number for September!

More information regarding Residence Hall room selection