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Six houses have been designated specifically for members of these organizations and are located on Sorority and Fraternity Rows, near Centennial Lake. Each house has a full time professional live in house director and an undergraduate house manager. Both act as liaisons between the residence facility and the Office of Greek Life. These special group living units provide students with the unique opportunity to balance extra freedoms with added responsibilities. This housing privilege is bestowed either by a designated floor or within an entire freestanding house. The regulation of these facilities is in accordance with the Code of Social Conduct.

Each chapter with housing is required to meet specific minimum occupancy levels and other regulations. For this reason, each student who joins a fraternity or sorority with housing is required to live in the house when there is room. Information concerning Rider’s Greek community and housing can be obtained in the Office of Greek Life, Bart Luedeke Center, Student Affairs Suite.

Rider University does not recognize any fraternity or sorority that maintains an official off-campus residential house.


  • Aug. 23 @ 9 a.m.: Residential Programs Student Staff Training
  • Sept. 4 @ 9 a.m.: 2pm: Bronc Buddy Move-in (Traing stars at 2 p.m.)
  • Sept. 5 @ 8 a.m.: New Student Move-in
  • Sept. 6 @ 9 a.m.: Upper Class Move-in
  • Sept. 8 @ 8 a.m.: Classes Begin
  • Sept. 16 @ 11:30 a.m.: SGA Awareness Day
  • Nov. 5-7: Family Weekend
  • Nov. 24 @ 10 a.m.: Buildings close for Thanksgiving Break
  • Nov. 28 @ 2 p.m.: Buildings open
  • Dec. 11: Last day of classes
  • Dec. 21 @ 3 p.m.: Buildings close for Winter Break
  • Jan. 22 @ 9 a.m.: Buildings open Spring semester

All houses and dining facilities will be closed to students during the following periods: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring break, Summer Recess and other designated periods when school is not in session. Closing times will be set by the Residence Life Office. In addition, students must leave the residence unit within twenty-four (24) hours after their last examination, termination of enrollment, or release from the agreement.

  • House Directors and House Managers
    Each chapter has a full-time live-in professional House Director and one undergraduate student House Manager who is employeed by the University. Both work with the Department of Facilities Management, Public Safety, and the Offices of Residence Life and Greek Life to ensure that the house operations run smoothly. House Managers are employees of Rider University within the Office of Greek Life and are similar to the Resident Advisor employed in the residence halls.

    They provide information regarding fire safety, occupancy and facilities issues and work with the University to provide the best environment possible for their organizations. They also organize programs, oversee room selection, schedule home improvement days, and are the key link for house operations.
  • Costs
    Chapter Dues
    Fraternities and sororities charge dues to all members in order to cover their operating and activity expenses. The dues are broken down into two main categories: national dues and local dues. The national dues are paid to the national sponsoring organization and cover things such as liability insurance, conference fees, badge and pin fees, etc. The local dues are paid directly to the chapter and cover the day to day operations of the organization such as - events, materials, t-shirts, recruitment activities, manuals, etc. The Office of Greek Life collects dues information from our chapters each year so that interested students can make educated decisions about which organizations to join.

    Meal Plans
    Some chapters have meal plans through the University and eat in the Dining Hall. These chapters enjoy the variety and convenience of the unlimited meal plan.

    Other chapters that have housing provide a meal plan through their house. These groups hire cooks and order their own food for specific meals throughout the week. On average, these meal plans offer 9 prepared meals a week and light snacks/breakfasts. Meal menus are determined at the start of the week and meals are served at specific times of the day. The cost is lower than that of the dining hall because of these limits. Students on these meal plans often purchase "block meal plans" or add "Bronc Bucks" to their ID Cards so that they can supplement the plan on weekends or if they can't make a meal time. For greater detail, talk to the chapters Kitchen Manager or contact the Office of Greek Life.

    Room Fees
    All chapters’ room fees are billed through the University. The chapters who have university meal plans and are provided with university furniture, are charged the same rate as those students who live in the residence halls. For a full breakdown of fees, visit the Office of Financial Aid website.

    Chapters that have their own meal plans and who do not have university issues furniture, have a slightly higher room rate. This rate covers the use of the kitchen, inspection fees and addition fire suppression units that re needed to run the kitchen. These chapters also receive a “furniture rebate” that is to be used for purchasing furniture for students who are not able to provide their own
  • Omega Financial
    The Office of Greek Life supports the use of Omega Financial, Inc. in creating financial stability and consistent dues collection methods for collegiate chapters.
  • Resources
    To better advise our chapters and provide detailed information to all, we have included some resources such as frequently used forms, policies, and links to relevant information. This list includes all pertinent Housing Information.