Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. Quick Facts
National Founding: December 1, 1975 at Kean College, NJ
Local Founding: February 24, 1991 as the Iota Chapter
Motto: “Chivalry above Self" and "En La Uinion Esta La Fursa" (In Unity there is Strength)
Philanthropic Cause: FNEM (Funding for families with terminally ill children)
National Organization:
Colors: Brown and White
Flower: The White Carnation
Symbol: The Conquistador

2016 Lambda Theta Phi Chapter Statistics
Overall Chapter Score- 144.4/175.5 - 82.2%
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Academic Achievement- 7.5/17.5 - 42.8%

  • Set goals to improved chapter to an above 3.0 GPA

Chapter Operations- 31/34 - 91%

  • Chapter has seen numbers increase from 1 to 8 and expected to exceed 10 members by the end of the next academic year.

Leadership Development- 26/33 - 78.8%

  • The annual alumni BBQ highlights the significance of their alumni involvement.
  • Members of the organization are encouraged to be involved on campus and hold leadership positions in other organizations such as LASO.

Programming- 26.5/32 - 82.8%

  • Lambda Giving Day provided food to families in Trenton and their contributions made the local paper.
  • Chapter co sponsored Halloween around the world with LASO, ASAR, and Phi Sigma Sigma.

Risk Reduction- 21/22 - 95.4%

  • New member workshops are held and interests are prepared to be leaders within the organization/community

House Management- 9/12 - 75%

  • Designated space in currently field and is expected to be filled during the next academic year

Presentation Score- 23.4/25 - 93.6%

Chapter Academics

  • Spring 2016 Chapter GPA: 2.58
  • Fall 2016 Chapter GPA: 3.01
  • Spring 2016 New Member GPA: 2.27

Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. Contact Information
Chapter President: Luis Jimenez
Primary Advisor: Christopher Feliciano
House Manager: William Harmonay

Chapter Violations

  • 2016 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
  • 2015 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
  • 2014 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
  • 2013 Chapter Code of Conduct Violations = 0
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