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Why Should I Join a Fraternity or Sorority?

Values and Principles

As members of fraternities and sororities, we recognize and accept that the primary mission of Rider University is to provide excellence in undergraduate education. We accept the role of our organizations in supporting this mission. While respecting the particular goals and values of our individual chapters, we contribute to the University mission by providing our members with distinct opportunities to enhance scholarship, provide friendship, build character, develop leadership and become engaged citizens.


Academic Achievement is a top priority for all Greek organizations at Rider University. Members are encouraged to strive for scholarly excellence through incentive programs and workshops that address topics like time management, study skills, interviewing, and resume writing. Greeks also belong to honor societies such as Order of Omega. Annual recognition ceremonies are held that highlight students who have achieved high academic and leadership roles within the community.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Being Greek offers the chance for individuals who share common interests to form a cohesive group. It is often said that, in college, friendships are developed that will last a lifetime. Fraternities and sororities pave the way towards these long-lasting friendships. You will meet people from different backgrounds and areas of the country. The chapter fosters these friendships and is a great place to call home during your college years. Being Greek presents opportunities to make friends that will always be an important part of your life.

Community Service

The Greek Community prides itself on its deep commitment to community service and philanthropic events that are organized by groups and individuals. Fraternities and sororities contribute a great deal of hands-on service to the surrounding community and are also responsible for fundraising efforts that benefit national charitable organizations.


Learning takes place both within and beyond the classroom at Rider. To enhance your learning experience, many chapters plan educational programs during the year designed to broaden the educational purpose of sororities. The Greek governing councils and the Office of Greek Life sponsor a wealth of programs to meet your educational, cultural, recreational, social, and developmental needs. These activities range from retreats and workshops to lectures and roundtable discussions and take place throughout the year.

Social Activities

While education is the main purpose for attending Rider University, many students realize that college life involves a delicate balance between academics and social activities. Social events within the Greek community offer members a break from the daily routine of class and work. The opportunity to meet new friends is increased in the social programming provided by fraternities and sororities. Some examples include Greek Week, Intramural Sports, Bronc Buffets, Alumni Events, Homecoming and Formals. 

What is "Recruitment"?

Recruitment is a year long process that fraternities and sororities host in order to meet new people and introduce them to all that Greek Life has to offer. Most of the chapters at Rider can offer membership to anyone at anytime, provided they meet the values based requirements established by the National organization or the University. All Rider students must complete 12 Rider University credits and achieve a 2.5 cumulative GPA to be eligible to participate in recruitment. It is important to remember that it's never too late to join! Joining a fraternity or sorority isn't just something to do when you are a first year student - sophomores, juniors and even seniors sometimes join and since it's a life-time membership, there are many ways to be involved even as an alumni.

Fall Recruitment is the time at the beginning of the fall semester when the chapters have individual events to introduce students to their organizations. Formal Recruitment is the time at the beginning of the spring semester when the chapters have the most structured events and info sessions to introduce students to their organizations. Typically, this is when the majority of chapters will distribute invitations to membership (bids). All of the chapters will host events together as well as individually each semester to help students make the decision about which chapter is the best fit for his/her personality. Women interested in finding out recruitment dates and Formal Recruitment information for NPC Chapters can do so through Campus Director. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the qualifications of joining a Greek Organization at Rider University?
A. The University requires that all potential new members have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and have passed 12 Rider credit hours. Some chapters have additional standards of membership and it is important that you ask each one what they are - they may include higher GPA requirements, community service hours, leadership involvement, etc.

Q. How and when can I join a Greek Organization at Rider University?
A. You can join a fraternity at any time during your time at Rider as long as you meet the requirements – you do not have to be a first or second year student! Recruitment takes place throughout the year and includes information sessions, open houses, and individual chapter events. There is also a Formal Membership Recruitment period for sororities that takes place at the start of the spring semester - there will be many opportunities to sign up for that process starting in January!

Q. How do I determine which chapter I want to join?
A. Listen to your intuition. Avoid taking “advice” from friends and ignore rumors. The goal of the potential member is to determine where he/she personally feels the most comfortable and which chapter is the best “fit.”

Q. How do the chapters extend invitations to membership?
A. Every chapter has their own system for distributing invitations. The goal for the chapter is to find men and women who will be happy and contribute to their organization. They will look to their standards, values, and rituals to make their decisions. The majority of bids will be distributed prior to or on Bid Day each semester (usually at the end of the fifth full week of classes).

Q. Will my grades suffer if I join a fraternity or sorority?
A. One of your main focuses at Rider is your academics. Each chapter has GPA requirements that apply to both incoming and active members. The chapters have scholarship programs and can help find you academic assistance if you need it. It's up to you to be motivated and to balance your work load.

Q. What fees are involved?
A. Fraternities and sororities charge dues to all members in order to cover their operating and activity expenses. The dues are broken down into two main categories: National Dues and Local dues. The National Dues are paid to the national sponsoring organization and cover things such as liability insurance, conference fees, badges and pin fees, etc. The Local dues are paid directly to the chapter and cover the day to day operations of the organization – events, materials, t-shirts, recruitment activities, manuals, etc.

Q. How much time does it take to be involved with a fraternity or sorority?
A. Generally, you will get out of a chapter what you put into it. If you are as excited as most, you will have no trouble participating fully and attending all events and the rewards will be ten fold. There are many circumstances when you may choose to take a less active role for a short time and most chapters allow for this flexibility if it is needed.

Q. Do I have to live in the house if I join?
A. Yes (unless you are a commuter). If you are a resident student and the chapter you join has a house or floor with vacant spots, you are required to room select in that house. In order to make room for our large incoming freshman classes and to accommodate the increasing number of upper-classmen who are living on campus, we must do our part to make the campus a comfortable place to live.