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Social Interaction + Extreme Fun = Unforgettable Experiences!

The Adventure Club’s mission is to offer Rider University students adventurous, as well as fun activities to enhance enjoyment of campus life. These activities shall be conducted on and off campus during times when the students have free time. Club activities may include, but are not limited to, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, canoeing, paintball, rock climbing, jet skiing, and others deemed appropriate.

While the club receives financial support through the Student Activities Fee to subsidize the cost of outings/adventures, members are required to pay semesterly dues ranging from $15-25. Each semester the club tries to support 2-3 off-campus trips.

Also for the 2016-2017 school year, we will be adding a $5 deposit fee to go on the trips. You will receive your $5 back once you are on the bus the day of the trip. The purpose of this $5 is to reserve your spot on the bus.  In the past, many students would request to go on trips then cancel or not show up at the last minute. This fee ensures that people will go on the trip and we can allow as many students as possible an opportunity for adventure!


  • Sept. 12:  General Meeting
  • Sept. 20:  Signups for paintball trip
  • Oct. 2:  Paintball trip
  • Oct. 24:  Signups for rockclimbing trip
  • Nov. 5:  Rock climbing trip

President - Joseph Babcock
Advisor - Jessi (Franko) Oliano
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Costs - $25 dues for the year,  $15 dues per semester 

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