Note:  Leave non-required prompts blank/un-selected to return all values.  Only select values in these prompts to limit the returned report data.

FERPA Warning:
This report, including its contents, is considered a student record under The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which regulates the disclosure of student records by the faculty, staff and administrators of Rider University.  With the exception of disclosures otherwise permitted by law, it is impermissible to disclose these records to anyone without the written consent of the student to whom a record relates.  As a best practice, please consult with the Dean of Students Office on either campus or the dean of your college before making any disclosure of this report.

Student Demographic & Academic Report Data Dictionary
For more information about the fields and output, please download the Student Demographic & Academic Report Data Dictionary (pdf).

For example: Insert 15 for Term 2015.
Note: A 'Y' value will filter the report to only include students who are registered for the term selected
To choose more than one program press and hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (MAC), and then click each item that you want to select.Note: Programs are differentiated between Day and Continuing Studies (CS) students. To include CS students in Programs that are separated, choose the program code that ends in CS. Example *BSBA-ACCT-BU (BSBA in Accounting) and BSBA-ACCT-CS (BSBA in Accounting)
Credits Earned between and including (both Fields)
Cumulative GPA
Note: Cumulative GPA is the most recent GPA calculation for the student’s current level (Undergraduate/Graduate) at the term selected, NOT the Cumulative GPA for the student as of the term selected.
Term GPA
Note: Students will not have a term GPA for terms that have not had final grades calculated.
Field Display Options
Addresses being returned, including Residence Hall, are the student’s most recent. They are not necessarily the addresses for the term selected. Adding any of the Optional Fields may cause students to be listed more than once (Multiple Phone Numbers, Advisors, etc.)