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About the Maurice E. Palmer Scholarship
The student should demonstrate leadership skills, a commitment and loyalty to working with others and the ability to contribute to Rider University and make it a better place just as Maurice did. The applicant's potential to contribute to the University could be measured by involvement in student organizations demonstrated through his or her activities in high school. The recipient of the award should be reflective of Maurice Palmer and his character and commitment to others.
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Deadline:  March 5, 2018

Academic Honors
Please list all scholastic distinctions or honors you have received since the ninth grade in order of importance to you. Include all academic honors and enrichment/gifted programs.
Extracurricular Activities
Please list all activities that you have participated in since the ninth grade.
Community Service
Service to others is a significant component of the Maurice E. Palmer Memorial Scholarship. Please list or describe any service activities in which you have participated in order of their importance to you.

In one page or less, please respond to the following question.

How do you feel you fit the spirit of this scholarship? Please be specific with examples.