Notes: From the Alumni Board

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Mark your calendar for June 9-10 and come back to campus for Rider Reunions! This year, we’re celebrating Greek life along with our regular assortment of gatherings, games, awards and more. So far, there are more than 20 fraternities and sororities on board, the GEMS program will celebrate a 50th anniversary, biopsychology and behavioral neurosciences will celebrate a 20th anniversary, and The Rebovich Institute for New
Jersey Politics will gather, as will the Class of 1967 as they are inducted into
the Olde Guarde Society.  

Watch your email for the announcement of online registration opening and join us for a host of events that will engage you from the morning ’til the stars come out at night. I look forward to joining all of you for a wonderful day at Rider.

Marci Gnandt ’00, ’03

President, Alumni Board of Directors and Alumni Association

Office of Alumni Relations | 609-896-5340 |