Notes: From the Alumni Board

The creation of a monumental work is rarely attributable to a single person. Proof can be found in the process of creating Rider’s new strategic plan, which was adopted in June by the University’s Board of Trustees. I’m thrilled and encouraged it involved so many different voices — students, faculty, staff, community members and alumni all contributed to the effort. 

Each of these groups should be excited about the visionary growth outlined in the plan and the implications it has for the University. You can discover more about how Rider plans to achieve its goals and face its challenges at 

As the University begins to adapt to operating under its new vision, it is my greatest hope that Rider’s strong network of alumni will take this opportunity to re-engage with their alma mater. We’ve devised the perfect entryway for you to rediscover your Rider roots when we bring homecoming back to Lawrenceville in October. All Broncs will be welcomed home during this daylong series of events full of fun, friends and of course food! The complete listing of events can be found at

On behalf of the entire Alumni Association, I encourage you to attend Homecoming and witness the changes that are already underway as Rider takes its next steps toward creating an even more vibrant living and learning community. 


Marci Gnandt ’00, ’03
President, Alumni Board of Directors and Alumni Association

Office of Alumni Relations | 609-896-5340 |