For Gmail password assistance, please contact the Rider Technology Help Desk.

For Easypass password assistance, follow the instructions below:

Change your passwords now

1. Open your web browser and go to Rider University's password tool.

2. Type your current Rider University EasyPass username.

3. Press the Login button.

NOTE: The first time you use this password tool you will be asked to setup 4 security questions and answers that you can use in case of a forgotten password. After this you will be able to change your passwords via either EasyPass account password or by answering your security questions. If you never setup your security questions and do not know your current Easypass account password you will have to contact the Rider OIT Help Desk for assistance at (609) 219-3000.

4. To login using your EasyPass password click on Use a password button. Otherwise, click on Answer personal questions button to login using your personal questions.

5. Click on Verify password button.

6. After a successful login you will have 2 choices in the main menu; change passwords and answer personal questions.

7. Click on the change passwords button.

8. Type a new password in the New password textbox using the specified rules.
Retype your new password in the Confirm textbox.

NOTE: Do not press the Back button on your web browser during the change password process!

9. On the right section of the window select only the accounts/systems for which you need to change the password.

10. Click on Change my password button.

11. You should receive a receipt notifying you that the password change was successful/unsuccessful.
If you have problems changing your passwords please contact the the Rider OIT Help Desk for assistance at (609) 219-3000.

12. After a successful password change click on Logout in the upper right corner of the main window.


Password Rules:

Your password must:

  • have at least 8 character(s).
  • have upper and lower case characters.
  • have at least 1 letter(s).
  • have at least 1 digit(s).
  • not be your profile ID or name.
  • not contain your profile ID or name.
  • not be your profile ID or name with the letters rearranged.
  • not have more than 2 pair(s) of repeating characters.
  • not contain an @ symbol