Video Conferencing

Telephone Based Audio Conferencing
Please contact the Help Desk to request this service.

Video Conferencing
Arranging Conferences: Before making plans for a conference, please contact OIT-Media Services to discuss the details of your conference.  You can do this by calling the OIT Help Desk and submitting a request for assistance.  A media specialist will respond to consult with you on the possibilities that are available.  You can reach the Help Desk at 609-219-3000.

Assistance is available for faculty and staff with conferencing in various ways:

Standard Internet Based Video Conferencing (v.323) is offered at two locations.

  • FA113 which supports up to twenty people and has a standard definition system

  • NH202 which supports up to one hundred people, is a High Definition system and is capable of multiple camera views.  A media representative will need to be present to operate this system due to its complexity.

Desktop Computer Video Conferencing is available via a service called Vidyo which will allow you to conference across multiple platforms and share your computer desktop with other participants.  It requires a camera and microphone on the computer that this service will be used on. Please call the OIT Help Desk at 609-219-3000 and request a consultation with a media specialist for more information.