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Inquiry, Design, Exploration And Study (IDEAS)

Since the beginning of SELECT, a group of science, mathematics and education faculty have met regularly to work together in revising or creating new courses that better incorporate an inquiry-based approach. The goal of the group has been to assist each other in creating learning environments where students are active learners, struggle with the concepts, grapple with their misconceptions, and ultimately understand the material covered better than they would with a traditional, passive-learner lecture style (e.g. Cusick 2001; McCray 2003).

Participation in the group is open to all faculty —full time and adjunct—involved in teaching science, math, and related education courses. Current participants are from biology, chemistry, geological, environmental & marine sciences, graduate education (math & science), mathematics, physics, undergraduate education (math & science); administrators from the College of Liberal Arts, Education and Sciences.

Lunch is provided at the monthly meetings. For information about meeting times and topics, contact [email protected].

The goals of this group are to:

  • Assist each other in creating learning environments where students
    • are active learners
    • struggle with concepts
    • grapple with misconceptions
    • better understand materials
  • Increase enrollment of education majors in lab science courses
  • Increase education/science double majors

Contact: [email protected]