Room Policies

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Room Policies: Regularly Scheduled Classes

Purpose of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning (BMS CSTL)

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning is the home of the Rider Science Education and Literacy Center (Rider SELECT). As such, it supports the mission of SELECT with regard to meeting the science/math learning needs (both content and pedagogy) of students preparing to become teachers of science and math as well as those teachers already in the workforce (elementary, middle and high school levels). It is because of this focus that Bristol-Myers Squibb Company partnered with Rider to fund construction of the Center, which serves as a hub for science education in the region.

SELECT Mission and Goals

SELECT's mission is to improve K-12 science and math teaching and learning by creating and supporting a coherent approach to teachers' career-long professional learning.

SELECT's goals are to:

  • prepare pre-service teacher candidates to be competent in science/math content and process and skilled in inquiry-based instruction
  • enhance the competency of the existing teacher workforce in the same (as above)
  • engage University faculty, K-12 teachers, and others in science education research
  • offer science outreach to the community

Priorities for courses scheduled in the BMS CSTL:

In order to continue to meet the vision of the BMS CSTL and SELECT’s mission to prepare pre-service teachers to become exceptional teachers of science and math, the BMS CSTL uses the following priority list to assign courses in the BMS CSTL facility:

First Priority:

Courses that support learning inquiry-based science and math pedagogy. These include undergraduate and graduate education courses (science and math methods) designed for pre-service students.

Second Priority:

Courses that support inquiry-based science and math learning. These include undergraduate science and math courses designed for, but not limited to, students preparing to become K-12 teachers.

NOTE: It is essential that the students in priorities one and two have the experience of learning science and math in the same way they will be expected to teach it using the inquiry approach. These priorities address the first goal of Rider SELECT, the program for which the Center was created.

Third Priority:

Science and math courses (for majors or non-majors) designed around active learning pedagogies. This includes, but is not limited to, science and math courses that have transitioned from large lecture sections to small classroom-based sections.

Fourth Priority:

Courses in other disciplines designed around active learning pedagogies.

Important Notes:

  • The BMS CSTL was created to support innovative teaching and to facilitate faculty learning from one another as they experiment with new approaches. Therefore, faculty who teach in the Center are encouraged to open their classroom to colleagues to visit and observe at a time mutually agreed upon beforehand by the instructor and visitor.
  • Scheduling courses in the BMS CSTL comes with the possibility of occasional relocation. An important part of SELECT's mandate is to provide professional development for K-12 teachers already in the workforce. Scheduling these events to fit school district calendars and avoid conflict with Rider courses is a challenge. Every effort will be made to avoid disrupting class schedules, but it does happen occasionally. TLC staff will work with the Registrar's Office to identify an alternate location. If your class is scheduled during a “prime time” period, an alternate classroom location may not be available.

Requesting a BMS CSTL Classroom

Classrooms in the BMS CSTL are:

  • Room 316 (maximum of 24 students)
  • Room 317 (maximum of 36 students)

Instructors wishing to schedule a course in the BMS CSTL must complete a “BMS CSTL Room Request Form.”

NOTE: The Registrar's Office will not schedule a course in the BMS CSTL unless the request form has been submitted and the course has been approved for the Center.