What is PHOCUS?
Peer Health On Campus Unites Students (PHOCUS) is a group of undergraduate students who are committed to mentoring and educating their campus community on health-related college issues. Each summer PHOCUS members attend the Peer Health Institute to gain knowledge on college health issues and meet with other peer education groups to share and receive new programming ideas. Each member is Bacchus Gamma Peer Certified to be a peer health educator.

During Fall Opening PHOCUS members work to welcome new students to college life and lead small-group discussions regarding issues that new students may encounter during their college career. PHOCUS is also one of the driving forces behind programming for Alcohol Responsibility Week and Health & Wellness Week. These students work to model responsible, healthy behavior to their peers, and may be found assisting RAs with programming in the residence halls or Freshman Seminar leaders with health and wellness topics.

Our mission is to assist in the formation of a healthy campus community by providing programs, activities, and mentoring that will promote healthy life style choices.

Our goal is to increase awareness and educate the student body about personal health in order to improve our Community’s quality of life.

We explore important issues such as:

  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Sex
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Nutrition

What it means to be a peer health educator:

  1. Be committed to making responsible and healthy choices
  2. Be trustworthy and non-judgmental
  3. Attend planning meetings
  4. Create and assist with programs and activities
  5. Be enthusiastic about sharing information and knowledge
  6. Be reliable and supportive of other members efforts
  7. Be interested in health and wellness topics
  8. Enjoy communicating

How do I get involved in PHOCUS?
To become certified you must attend New Jersey Peer Institute College Peer Leadership and Educator Conference in the Spring. However, you may join as a non certified group member in the Fall.

To join PHOCUS or for additional information, please contact the PHOCUS Advisors at:

Lynn Eiding, RN, MSN, APNC

Robin Mansfield, RN, MSN, APNC

Susan Stahley, MSW

Other Peer Health Resources: