MYTHS and FACTS about Alcohol

MYTH: I can sober up quickly if I have to . . .

FACT: It can take up to 2 hours to process one drink.

MYTH:  Beer doesn’t have as much alcohol as hard liquor.

FACT: 12 oz. of beer = 1 shot of 80-proof liquor = 4.5 oz. glass of wine

MYTH: The more you drink, the better you feel!

FACT: Alcohol is biphasic: at low levels it produces feelings of euphoria; at high levels it produces unpleasant inebriating effects, such as vomiting, mood changes and passing out

MYTH: “I can drive well enough after a few drinks . . ."
FACT: 50% of all crashes among 18-24 year olds involve alcohol.

Binge Drinking is...
    •    Drinking a lot of alcohol in a short amount of time
    •    Reaching a very high blood alcohol level
    •    Experiencing cognitive and physical problems as a result of excessive drinking

Binge drinking isn’t just about the number of drinks consumed, but also the time frame in which it is consumed.

Signs of a Problem Drinker
    •    Binge drinks
    •    Drinks alone
    •    Drinks often
    •    Drinks to get drunk
    •    Increased tolerance
    •    Neglects responsibilities
    •    Misses all or part of work or school because of alcohol