The Public Safety Department works to create and maintain a safe and secure environment 24 hours a day. There are three code-blue emergency phones on the Lawrenceville campus and one code-blue emergency phone on the Princeton campus that provide connection to the Public Safety Office.

Sodium vapor lights have been installed by the Facilities Management Department. The lights are designed to enhance visibility, illuminating all parking areas, buildings, and walkways. To report a light out call the Facilities Management Department at 896-5080 or submit a work order.

There are 10 residence halls in the East Village, and 1 residence hall, 1 graduate student house (Ridge house), and 7 Greek houses in the West Village on the Lawrenceville campus. Access to exterior doors of most residences is controlled by a Card Access System of electronically encoded photo ID cards.

On the Princeton campus, there are three residence halls currently in operation. A Card Access System of electronically encoded photo ID cards are in use for entrance into residence halls. Students wanting to use the music practice rooms in the residence halls must use their photo ID card to gain entry. After 11 P.M. no non-resident will have access to the reidence halls.

Public Safety officers lock all of the academic buildings nightly and conduct routine security walkthroughs in the residence halls on both campuses.

Campus Crime Statistics

Statistics on campus crime can be found at the following links:

Rider's Response

Upon receiving your call, Public Safety officers will either take your report at the Public Safety Office or respond to your on-campus location. Public Safety Officers are responsible for a full range of campus safety services, including all medical emergencies, fire emergencies, building security, traffic accidents, enforcement of laws regulating underage drinking and the use of controlled substances, crime reports, investigations, and all other incidents requiring security assistance.

Student violations of University regulations are normally handled through the office of Student Administrative Services or other campus measures (see The Source, the student handbook). Sanctions for violative behavior range from minor restrictions to expulsion from the University. For protective purposes, the victims of student misconduct can request a change in their living arrangement or academic schedule. Pursuing a matter through University procedures does not limit or exclude options to involve local police authorities or to take any other measures.

The Public Safety Department has excellent working relationships with Lawrence Township police (for Lawrenceville campus) and both Princeton Borough and Princeton Township police (for Westminster campus), as well as county and state police agencies. All serious matters are promptly reported to the local police. At the request of a victim, the Public Safety Security Department will provide assistance by contacting the local police. In any event, an accounting of the incident will remain on file at the Public Safety Office and will be included in the annual report of crimes.

Student Patrol

The student patrol provides additional services for the regular safety and security personnel and helps to deter crime in the student parking areas through roving patrols. The patrol has no law enforcement power and is instructed to watch over the campus and report suspicious activity. Students wishing to be hired should apply at the Public Safety department.

Security Escort Service

The department also offers a nighttime escort service. This service is operated by qualified student employees, who provide walking and/or mobile escorts. This service is supplemented by Security Officers, as available. Students requesting an escort are encouraged to contact the Student Escort number at x5050.