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Lawrenceville Vehicle Registration

Parking decals are issued upon registration with the Department of Public Safety.  All vehicles are required to be registered. Decals are to be displayed on the back of the rearview mirror and the lower left portion of the driver’s side passenger window.  

Resident students can register one vehicle.  Commuting students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty and staff can register up to 3 vehicles. 

The Department of Public Safety is located in West House at the south entrance of campus.  Public Safety is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be reached at (609) 896-5029. 

Parking decals are available at no cost except for freshmen resident students who wish to park on campus.  Freshman residents on the Lawrenceville campus must pay a $300 parking fee in advance of registering their vehicle in the Bart Luedeke Center during fall opening activities.  The fee is payable on-line at  

Complete a Vehicle Registration Form (PDF)

When registering your vehicle, please submit the completed form along with your Rider ID, driver’s license, and current insurance and registration cards. 

Please note the following:

  • Everyone is encouraged to familiarize themselves with Rider’s parking and traffic regulations. These regulations apply at all times to all members of the community, including students, faculty, staff, administrators and guests. Operation of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege which may be withdrawn by the University for failure to comply with these regulations.
  • Gated lots are accessed as designated via your Rider ID. 
  • Students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate parking decal when a new housing assignment dictates a change in their parking assignment.  Freshmen residents who pay for and receive decals must re-register their vehicles prior to the start of their sophomore year in order to receive appropriate new decals.
  • Any change in the license number of a registered vehicle during the academic year must be reported to Public Safety by the registrant.
  • Temporary parking permits may be obtained from Public Safety for guests and for an unregistered vehicle when a registered vehicle is unavailable due to repairs or other reasons.  Temporary permits are to be displayed on the driver’s side of the dashboard.  There is no fee for temporary permits which may be issued for a maximum of 7 days.  Extenuating circumstances may be approved by the Director of Public Safety.
  • Freshman residents are permitted to obtain one temporary parking pass per semester (not to exceed 3 days) for temporary use of a vehicle.  No additional temporary parking passes will be issued to that student without prior consent from the Director of Public Safety.
  • Lost or stolen decals or temporary parking permits must be reported to Public Safety.  They will be invalidated and new ones will be issued.
  • Designated handicapped accessible spaces are interspersed throughout the parking lots.   The applicable license plate or hang tag issued by a state Department of Motor Vehicles is required for these spaces.  Faculty, staff or students with handicapped license plates or state-issued hang tags also still must register their vehicles with the Department of Public Safety.

    Temporary state placard applications are available at the Student Accessibility and Support Services Office located in the Vona Academic Annex, room 8, and at municipal police departments.  The application requires a doctor’s signature and a small fee.  Resident students should indicate their Rider address on the application.  Keep in mind that temporary placards are only valid until their date of expiration.
  • Passenger pick up/drop off points are designated in the Fine Arts Circle, in front of Moore Library and the Bart Luedeke Center and in the residential complex.  These areas are designated for this purpose only.  Unattended vehicles in these pick up/drop off areas and on roadways are subject to ticketing and towing at any time.

Lawrenceville Parking Assignments | View Campus Map

Please note that parking is prohibited in fire zones and on campus roadways except as otherwise designated.  The Department of Public Safety may limit or alter on-campus parking and traffic flow in the event of an incident, emergency or campus event.

  • Open Parking
    Open parking is available at all times for general faculty/staff, student and visitor use in the back lots adjacent to the turf field and track, in front of Maurer Gym, in Durkin lot between the south entrance and the south gate kiosk, and in the C/Z/R lot that runs along the south entrance roadway and the tree line.
    Additional open parking is available as follows:
    • Gated BLC lot on weekends and from 4 p.m. until 6 a.m. Monday through Friday.
    • Fine Arts and Daly/Vona lots on weekends from 5 p.m. Friday until 6 a.m. Monday.
  • Visitor Parking
    Dedicated visitor parking is located along White Pines across from the large BLC lot as indicated by signs.  It is accessible via the entrance/exit at the stop sign at the corner of the BLC before heading to the back of campus.  Only visitors may park in that lot.  Additional visitor parking is available in open parking lots as described in the bullet above.
  • Faculty and staff
    Parking is available in gated lots adjacent to the academic buildings, across from the Bart Luedeke Center (BLC) and next to Maurer Gym.  These lots are accessed with your Rider ID.  Parking is also available behind Daly Dining Hall, Vona Annex and the General Services Building (building occupants only).  Your parking decal will determine where your primary lot is located. 
  • Non-freshman resident (R) and commuter (C) students
    Parking is available in the large lot across from the BLC as indicated by signs on the light poles and the blue roadway stripe as well as in the lot that runs along White Pines near the south gate entrance as indicated by the C/Z/R signs.  Students with C, Z or R decals can park anywhere in the C/Z/R lot (open to all).  Parking is also available to non-freshman residents in the Kroner lot.
  • Freshman resident (Z) students
    Parking is available in the C/Z/R lot (open to all) that runs along  the south entrance  roadway and the tree line (White Pines Apartments) as indicated by the signs on the light poles. The only exceptions are freshman Poyda residents who park in the lot behind Poyda Hall and freshman Lake House residents who park in the lots behind Fraternity row.
  • Graduate and Continuing Studies students
    Parking is available after 4 p.m. in the gated BLC lot and in all open lots (see first bullet above).
  • West Village and sorority residents
    Parking is available in the gated lots adjacent to these buildings.  These lots are accessed with your Rider ID. ZTA, AXD and DPE residents may park in the Poyda and G lots (behind Lake and Ridge Houses) at those times when no parking is available in the gated Y lot behind their buildings.
  • Residents of University, Omega, Phi Sigma Sigma, Ridge and Lake Houses
    Parking is available in the lots behind Fraternity Row and in the lot adjacent to Phi Sigma Sigma House. This includes freshman residents in these buildings.
  • Westminster Choir College (WCC) students
    WCC resident students park in the resident portion of the BLC lot and in Kroner lot.  WCC commuter students park in the commuter portion of the BLC lot.  Your hang tags are recognized on the Lawrenceville campus.  There is no need to have both a hang tag and parking decal.
  • Designated handicapped/disabled parking
    Designated handicapped/disabled parking spaces are available in the parking lots to anyone who has either a permanent or temporary state-issued handicapped placard displayed.  Vehicles must also be registered with Public Safety.