All entering freshmen and transfer students are required to take the Theory Placement Test. Before arriving at Westminster, students may wish to review the rudiments of music, keeping in mind the test's topics (listed below).

This is a written examination.  You will need two sharpened #2 pencils.  The various elements measured by the test are:  recognition and construction of key signatures, scales, intervals, and triads; notation of rhythmic patterns in different meters and recognition of keys and chord functions.  Download sample questions (PDF). 

In this test students are asked to notate short melodies played at the piano (dictation).  The test will last most of the morning. A high score on this exam may result in exemption from the College's required course in the fundamentals of music.  Students who receive an exceptionally high score and have taken college-level theory in the past may be asked to take additional tests which could lead to further exemption from required courses.

Please note the following policy:  Incoming undergraduate students who hold scores of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Examination in Music Theory will automatically receive credit by examination for TH141, Musicianship I.