Video Collection

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General History

Ambulance This classic film depicts the essence of the Holocaust in one single incident: the gassing of unsuspecting innocent school children, using an ambulance to lead them to their death. VHS
9 minutes
The Eighty-First Blow A historical documentary made up of footage and stills shot by the Nazis. Also includes a compilation of testimonies from witnesses who appeared at the Eichmann trial. VHS
115 minutes
For Tomorrow The Story and Poetry of Hilda Stern Cohen (Memoirs)  
Holocaust Susan Sontag, writer and social critic, explores the meaning of Hitler’s genocide with a group of students. VHS
90 minutes
The Holocaust: In Memory of Millions Walter Cronkite chronicles the story of the Holocaust, from the rise of the Nazi party to tales of survival. This documentary combines original footage and personal photographs with oral histories by those who survived. VHS
60 minutes
Memories of Kristallnacht: More than Broken Glass This video portrays the events of Kristallnacht through archival footage, photographs, and first hand video interviews with witnesses. VHS and DVD
57 minutes
More Than Broken Glass Memories of Kristallnacht (Memoirs)  
One Survivor Remembers Gerda Weissman Klein takes us a journey of survival through one of the most devastating events in the history of mankind.  
Only A Number A true story of the struggle to survive, to love, and remember - to video collection on webpage.  
Outcast: Jewish Persecution in Nazi Germany Portrays Jewish persecution in Nazi Germany between the years 1933 and 1938. Includes testimonies of witnesses who were teenagers at the time, film footage, and photographs. VHS
40 minutes
Prelude to War This film traces the events leading up to America’s involvement in World War II. VHS
54 minutes
The Sorrow and the Pity: Chronicle of a French City Under the Occupation This film combines interviews and archival film footage to explore the reality of the French occupation in one small industrial city, Clermont-Ferrand. VHS
260 minutes
The World at War This documentary chronicles the events of the Holocaust through the experiences of ordinary men and women who lived and fought through the most momentous conflict in world history. VHS
52 minutes
The Night of Broken Glass - The November 1938 Pogroms    


Eichmann: The Nazi Fugitive The capture of Adolf Eichmann, the notorious war criminal, by Israeli intelligence is reenacted with interviews with the actual Mossad agents who brought him to justice after a worldwide manhunt of fifteen years. VHS
50 minutes
The Eternal Jew This documentary interprets Jewish life and history from the viewpoint of traditional European anti-Semitism and Nazi ideology. A candid, cinematically unique expression of racial hatred. VHS
62 minutes
Heil Hitler: Confessions of a Hitler Youth A shocking true story based on the book by Alfons Heck, recalling how he became a high-ranking member of the Hitler Youth during World War II. Along with eight million other German children, Heck pledged his life to Adolf Hitler as an impressionable 10-year old. VHS
30 minutes
Hitler: Anatomy of a Dictatorship Adolf Hitler became legal head of the German Government in 1933. To a nation torn by economic, political, and spiritual crises, he promised strong leadership and a policy of revenge against supposed enemies, at home and abroad. With little opposition, Hitler soon made himself the master of Europe. Before the Allies finally defeated him, he would be responsible for the deaths of over 35 million people. VHS
22 minutes
The Nazi Strike This film uses captured enemy footage to demonstrate how Hitler planned to conquer the world. VHS
41 minutes
The Nazis: Witness to Genocide An emotionally devastating chronicle of Hitler’s depraved plan to liquidate an entire race. Witness the vile and disgusting film footage the Nazis took of the death camps they built as over six million Jews and other “undesirables” were effectively tortured, starved to death and murdered. VHS
60 minutes
Nuremberg: Tyranny on Trial This documentary uses archival film footage, personal reminiscences and expert commentary to detail the events, courtroom strategies, and legal innovations of the judicial proceedings against the top Nazi war
50 minutes
Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany Follows the rise of the Third Reich from the invasion of Poland to the u-boat war in the Atlantic that threatened to sink Great Britain, and to the subsequent expulsion of Nazi forces in North Africa and Southern Italy. VHS
17 minutes
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann Actual trial footage, emotional recollections of trial witnesses and other key participants provide insight and contrasting perspectives of Eichmann’s unsettling legacy. VHS
120 minutes
Triumph of the Will Leni Riefenstahl's film of the Sixth Nazi Party Congress at Nuremberg in 1934. A masterpiece of Nazi propaganda, it provides a fascinating psychological study of the Nazi leaders in action. Told visually with very little dialogue. VHS
80 minutes
Why Us? An educational video about the Holocaust. “Why us?” is not a rhetorical cry of misery by the Jewish people. Instead, it is a question that must be answered by every human being. Bigotry and prejudice are not inborn traits. VHS
Witnesses at the Eichmann Trial The trial of SS officer Adolf Eichmann began in the spring of 1961. During the Holocaust, Eichmann was directly responsible for the deportation of Jews to the extermination camps. This is a first compilation of testimonies from this significant trial. VHS
45 minutes
Witnesses to the Holocaust: The Trial of Adolf Eichmann This record presents the extensive testimony and evidence which revealed the scope of Eichmann’s responsibility for the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” and includes numerous eye-witness accounts which provided the first comprehensive public examination of the Holocaust. VHS
90 minutes

Concentration Camps

Camp of Hope and Despair: Witnesses of the Westerbork Concentration Camp Through the eyewitness accounts of survivors, as well as the remarkable photographs and films of Rudolf Breslauer, the camp photographer, we come to understand the overall picture of life in Westerbork. VHS
70 minutes
Civilization and the Jews: Out of the Ashes Archival film footage and photographs, art and artifacts, journals and personal accounts, and commentary by scholars provide the particulars about a people that have long been persecuted, and yet have given so much to world culture. This eighth volume in the series examines the critical period between 1919 and 1947. VHS
60 minutes
If You Cried, Auschwitz, You Died Chronicles the journey of two Holocaust survivors as they revisit the hell they knew as Auschwitz concentration camp. VHS
28 minutes
Kitty: A Return to Auschwitz Kitty Hart, a survivor who lived in the camp between the ages of 16 and 18 returns to tell others and to try to understand what happened there. VHS
73 minutes
Night and Fog A short film that uses actual black and white footage shot inside Hitler’s concentration camps, contrasted with beautiful contemporary color scenes of the death camps 10 years after the carnage ended. VHS
32 minutes
Terezin Diary Tells the story of the Terezin ghetto and its children. VHS
88 minutes
To Bear Witness Filmed at the 1985 Liberators Conference in Washington D.C., presents a series of interviews with the survivors and liberators of the concentration camps. VHS
50 minutes


A Day in Warsaw Warsaw was home to 400,000 Jews before World War II. This short film sets Warsaw’s multi-storied buildings and broad streets against its old market square and Jewish quarter. VHS
10 minutes
The Fuhrer Gives a City to the Jews This film was produced by Germany's Ministry of Propaganda about Theresienstadt, the model ghetto established by the Nazis in 1941. This is the only film known to have been made by the Germans inside any operating concentration camps; it is, however, an elaborately staged film presenting a completely false picture of camp life. VHS
23 minutes
In the Beginning The touching story of Noah, a teacher, who, trapped in the Warsaw Ghetto with a few remaining Jews, insists on celebrating the festival of “Simhat Torah.” VHS
30 minutes
Kovno Ghetto: A Buried History The story of the Jews of Kovno from the first stirrings of war to the annihilation of the ghetto just days before the city’s liberation. Eighteen survivors of Kovno share their stories of survival and loss. VHS
100 minutes
Nightmare: the Immigration of Joachim and Rachel The suspenseful story of two Jewish children’s escape from the Nazi-occupied Warsaw ghetto to a bright future in America. VHS
24 minutes
Warsaw Ghetto: World War II Documentary This film is based on a compilation of Nazi photographic records. It depicts the Warsaw Ghetto from its creation in 1940 until its destruction in 1943. VHS
60 minutes
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Beginning with the Nazi invasion of Poland, we are led step-by-step through the deportations, life in the ghetto, the formation of a resistance organization, and finally the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. VHS
22 minutes
Zegota: Council for Aid to Jews in Occupied Poland Zegota was the only government-sponsored social welfare agency established to rescue Jews in German-occupied Europe. It provided hiding places and false identify documents for Jewish men, women, and children who were able to escape from Nazi control and ultimately their efforts saved thousands of lives. VHS
28 minutes


Act of Faith The dramatic story of the heroic Danish resistance movement against Hitler. It is a firsthand account of the role played by the Danish people in saving their Jewish countrymen from the Nazis. VHS
28 minutes
Assignment: Rescue A documentary about Varian Fry, the American hero who saved over 2000 refugees trapped in Vichy, France from the Gestapo. VHS
26 minutes
Avenue of the Just Interviews with men and women, who made sacrifices for others, and some of the people they saved. VHS
59 minutes
Courage to Care An unforgettable encounter with ordinary people who refused to succumb to Nazi tyranny. These people followed their conscience while others "followed orders." They fed strangers, kept secrets, and provided hiding places. VHS
28 minutes
A Debt to Honor A video documentary that tells the compelling stories of ordinary individuals whose personal acts of courage resulted in the rescue of thousands of Jews after the Nazi occupation in Italy in 1943. VHS
29 minutes
History Undercover: Diplomats for the Damned Profiles the stealthy government workers who risked their own safety to falsify documents and make arrangements for Jews to flee Germany. VHS
50 minutes
Into the Arms of Strangers A documentary filled with rare archival footages and gripping remembrances by the child survivors, rescuers, and parents of the heroic Kindertransport. VHS
117 minutes
It was Nothing. . .It was Everything Through interviews and archival footages, this film reflects on some of the events associated with the rescue of Greek Jews during the Holocaust. VHS
28 minutes
Miracle at Moreaux In December 1943, three Jewish children fleeing Nazi-occupied France find refuge in a Catholic school run by Sister Gabrielle. At first the nun's young students are afraid to shelter the children from the Nazis intent on their capture. But the students come to understand and sympathize with the trio's plight and risk their lives to protect them. Together they devise a dangerous plan to help the children reach the border and freedom. VHS
58 minutes
My Knees Were Jumping A stunning account of the campaign to evacuate Jewish children to Great Britain before the outbreak of World War II. VHS
76 minutes
Nicolas Winton: The Power of Good This documentary describes how an ordinary man, Nicolas Winton, developed a rescue operation to save children in the Sudetenland. DVD
64 minutes
The Other Side of Faith Stefania Podgorska, a Catholic teenager living in Poland, risked her own life and that of her younger sister to save the lives of thirteen Jewish fugitives. VHS
27 minutes
Out of Hitler’s Reach The story of a Quaker boarding school near West Branch, Iowa, which in 1939 offered a safe haven for Europeans fleeing Nazi rule. VHS
13 minutes
Rescue in Scandinavia A chronicle of extraordinary courage by ordinary people in and from Scandinavia during the Holocaust period. VHS
55 minutes
Reunion 2007: A Story of Moral Courage Seventeen-year-old Irena Walulewicz and her mother Zofia, hid Golda Bushkanietz in their attic for months. The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous reunited Golda and Irena at its 2007 dinner. The two women had not seen each other since 1945. DVD
So Many Miracles During the fall of 1942, the Banya family offered to hide Israel and Frania Rubinek in their one room farm house. This film follows Israel and Frania on their emotional journey to Poland and documents their reunion with Zofia Banya, the woman who saved their lives. VHS
58 minutes
Weapons of the Spirit During World War II, Jews were sheltered by Christians in and around one village in Nazi-occupied France. Pierre Sauvage was born and protected in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon. He returned just in time to preserve the memory. DVD
35 minutes


The Bookseller A dramatization, based on the book, Rescue in Denmark, of an actual incident of Danish resistance to the Nazi persecution of the Jews during the World War II occupation of Denmark. This resistance included the evacuation of the Jewish community to a haven of safety in neighboring Sweden. VHS
30 minutes
Daniel’s Story This story is based upon the experiences of real children who lived at the time of the Holocaust. VHS
14 minutes
Holocaust Hero: A Tree for Sugihara The story of Sempo Sugihara, a man who defied his country by issuing thousands of visas during World War II. This allowed over 6000 Jews to escape the Nazis. VHS
30 minutes
Jehovah’s Witnesses Stand Firm Against Nazi Assault During World War II, the Jehovah’s Witnesses suffered brutal persecution for speaking out against Nazi cruelty. In this video, historians from Europe and North American join Witness survivors to share a story of courage and triumph. VHS
28 minutes
Joseph Schultz A dramatization of an actual event that took place during the last day in the life of Joseph Schultz, a young German soldier during World War II. VHS
13 minutes
A Look in the Eyes of Resistance: The Stories of Malka and Moshe Baran Documents the lives of two Polish Jews, Malka and Moshe Baran, who married after World War II. Their stories depict two very different experiences of the Holocaust. They both managed to survive with their spirits unbroken. VHS
30 minutes
Missing Hero Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg risked his life to save 100,000 Hungarian Jews from Nazi gas chambers and disappeared mysteriously in 1945 under Soviet Military escort. Although the Soviets have never fully explained his fate, evidence suggests that he may still be alive. VHS
51 minutes
I Never Saw Another Butterfly Based on the book of the same title containing the drawings and poems of children at the Terezin concentration camp in Czechoslovakia during 1942-1944. The program includes documentary film shot in Prague and at Terezin, and presents a fictionalized account of one of the hundred children who survived the war. VHS
30 minutes
No Authority But From God (Volume 1) Personal reflections of both pro-Nazi and anti-Nazi church leaders. VHS
28 minutes
Number the Stars Based on Lois Lowry’s book, which centers on a Danish Christian family who saves a Danish Jewish family from the Nazis in 1943. VHS
15 minutes
Obedience Based on the Obedience Study done by Stanley Milgram at Yale in the early 1960’s. VHS
Purple Triangles The Jehovah’s Witnesses refused to compromise their principles despite strong pressure to adopt Hitler’s ideology. As a result, they were thrown into concentration camps, where they were identified by a purple triangle sewn on their camp uniform. This program tells the story of the Kusserow family. VHS
25 minutes
Sister Rose’s Passion This documentary tells the inspirational story of Sister Rose Thering, a Dominican nun who had the courage, the toughness, and the passion to resist the status quo and push for what she believed was right. She had a direct bearing on the historic Vatican II Council that reformed the Catholic Church’s position on Jews and Judaism. DVD
39 minutes
A View from the Underside: the Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer A play about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, one of the great heroes of the twentieth century. He expressed moral outrage against the Nazi treatment of Jews. This outrage led him to become involved in the German resistance movement, which resulted in his execution. VHS
50 minutes
The White Rose This film dramatizes the true story of a group of German students, the White Rose, who printed and distributed thousands of anti-Nazi leaflets during World War II. VHS
108 minutes

America and the Holocaust

America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference Explores the painful and difficult story of America’s response to the murder of six million Jews by the Nazis and their collaborators. VHS
60 minutes
The Double Crossing: The Voyage of the St. Louis Through archival footage and interviews with survivor of the St. Louis, this documentary educations us about the past and sensitizes us to the plight of all refugees. DVD
29 minutes
Safe Haven: A Story of Hope This documentary tells the story of European refugees’ journey to America their adjustment to the refugee camps and American life, as well as their struggle to remain in the United States. VHS
38 minutes
Sea Tales: The Doomed Voyage of the St. Louis U.S. authorities refuse to allow a ship full of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany to enter the country. VHS
50 minutes

The Second Generation: Ripples From the Holocaust

Dramatic interviews and firsthand accounts of the Holocaust. The Second Generation explores the difficulties and challenges of growing up as children of Holocaust survivors.

30 minutes

The Voyage of the St. Louis This documentary tells the story of the infamous St. Louis episode as recalled by passengers who made the crossing as children and in readings from the diary of the ship’s captain. VHS
52 minutes

Anne Frank

Anne Frank Brenda Blethyn and Hannah Taylor Gordon star in the stirring tale of one of the most influential young women of the 20th century. Based on the critically acclaimed book, this movie goes beyond the story you already know and paints the true portrait of Anne both before and after she went into hiding. VHS
189 minutes
The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank The incredible true story of Miep Gies, the woman who harbored Anne Frank and others during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam. VHS
95 minutes
The Diary of Anne Frank The story of a 13-year-old Jewish girl and her family who are forced into hiding by the Nazis during World War II. VHS
109 minutes
Just a Diary The life story of Anne Frank is told from the perspective of a 17-year old Dutch girl. VHS
30 minutes


Behind the Mask Using artwork created by children and a script based on their perceptions of the world around them, this video is an exploration of the uniqueness of each individual and the similarities that unite us all. VHS
8 minutes
A Class Divided In 1970, a teacher attempted a daring experiment in her elementary school classroom. To evaluate how racial stereotypes affect young children, she divided her class between those with blue eyes and those with brown eyes. This program presents the long-term effects of racial stereotyping in schools and suggests how new approaches can make a positive difference with students and teachers. VHS and DVD
60 minutes
Crimes of Hate This documentary takes a look at the rise in violent acts of bigotry in America today including acts of anti-Semitism, racism, and gay-bashing as well as their devastating consequences. VHS
30 minutes
A Dialogue on Race with President Clinton President Clinton and Jim Lehrer discuss race on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. VHS
60 minutes
The Eye of the Storm Vividly demonstrates how quickly wholesome friendly school children can be infected with the ugly virus of discrimination. VHS
25 minutes
Faces of the Enemy Psychologists explain how war and artificial enemies provide people with the moral and mental certainties they crave, giving them a sense of purpose in a sometimes ambiguous world. VHS
57 minutes
The Longest Hatred: A Revealing History of Anti-Semitism “They are the other. They are not us.” Takes an unsparing look at the way these words have shaped the experience of Jewish people. DVD
150 minutes
The Lunch Date An early black and white film that shows class and racial stereotypes in an interesting set of scenarios. VHS
10 minutes
Not in Our Town This video serves as an aid in prejudice-reduction by using a case-history of an outbreak of “Aryan supremacy” in the northwestern United States as the basis of a classroom analysis of community prejudice. VHS
27 minutes
A Time for Justice: America’s Civil Rights Movement Depicts the battle for civil rights. It recalls the crises in Montgomery, Little Rock, Birmingham, and Selma. It reveals the heroism of individuals who risked their lives for the cause of freedom and equality. VHS
38 minutes


Everyone’s Not Here: Families of the Armenian Genocide An educational video developed by educator William S. Parsons and classroom-tested by experienced teachers. VHS
29 minutes
The Forgotten Genocide A classic and definitive film about the first genocide of the Twentieth Century told for the first time by eyewitness accounts of Armenian survivors and rare archival film footage.  VHS
28 minutes
Genocide: The Story of Man’s Inhumanity to Man This documentary narrated by Elizabeth Taylor and Orson Welles provides an introduction to genocide. It includes documentary film and photographs.  VHS
90 minutes
A Good Man in Hell General Dallaire, commander of the United Nations Mission in Rwanda, reflects on the Rwanda genocide that he could not stop and he cannot forget. VHS
13 minutes
Harvest of Despair Documents the Ukrainian terror famine of 1932-1933 which caused the deaths of 7 million people. VHS
55 minutes
KKK: Hate Crimes in America Examines the evolution of the Ku Klux Klan, its many civil suits and the riveting events that led to the notorious Mississippi Burning case of 1964. VHS
50 minutes
The Land of the Demons ABC News anchor Peter Jennings examines the dangers and global implications of the war in the former Yugoslavia. VHS
45 minutes
The Triumph of Evil Eight hundred thousand Tutsis were slaughtered by the Hutu majority in Rwanda while the West turned a blind eye. Frontline examines the role of Britain, France, and the United States and the United Nations as they ignored the warnings and evidence of impending massacre. VHS
60 minutes
When Ireland Starved A documentary on the Irish Famine in the 1840’s. VHS
Witnessing Darfur: Genocide Emergency This film explains what is happening in Darfur and how to access resources to help spread the word. DVD
17 minutes

Hollywood Films

Au Revoir les Enfants An autobiographical account of a boy’s first friendship and his discovery of the real world. VHS
103 minutes
Conspiracy This film is based on the only surviving record of the conference at Wannsee, where Hitler devised his “final solution.” DVD
96 minutes
Defiance Showcases the extraordinary true story of the Bielski brothers, simple farmers who turned a group of war refugees into powerful freedom fighters. DVD
136 minutes
Escape from Sobibor Sasha Pechersky is a Russian Amry officer captured by the Germans in World War II. Along with ordinary citizens, Pechersky staged the largest successful escape from a Nazi concentration camp. VHS
120 minutes
A Friendship in Vienna The innocent friendship between schoolmates Inge and Lise creates tension between their families because Inge is Jewish and Lise is the daughter of a high-ranking Nazi. As the persecution of the Austrian Jews increase, the girls’ courage grows and their special friendship triumphs over discrimination. VHS
94 minutes
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis A haunting love story set amidst the beauty and turbulent political passions of prewar Italy. VHS
90 minutes
Gentleman’s Agreement A journalist is assigned to write a series of articles on anti-Semitism. Searching for an angle, he finally decides to pose as a Jew and soon discovers what it is like to be a victim of religious intolerance. VHS
118 minutes
Hanna’s War The stirring account of one woman’s indomitable will in the face of torture, fear and despair and a tribute to all those who’ve ever defied tyranny. VHS
148 minutes
Hidden in Silence Fusia is forced to take on the role of savior when the Daimants, her Jewish adoptive family, are captured. Fusia undertakes the daring act of smuggling the Daimants’ sons out of Nazi confinement and hiding them in her apartment attic. They are unable to move freely or make noise and must rely on the young girl to feed and protect them. VHS
93 minutes
Judgment at Nuremberg American judge Daniel Haywood presides over the trial of four German jurists accused of “legalizing” Nazi atrocities. But as graphic accounts of sterilization and murder unfold in the courtroom, mounting political pressure for leniency forces Haywood into making the most harrowing and difficult decision of his career.  VHS
186 minutes
Life is Beautiful A Jewish man has a wonderful romance with the help of his humor, but must use that same quality to protect his son in a Nazi death camp. VHS
116 minutes
Music Box In this intense courtroom thriller, Chicago attorney Ann Talbot agrees to defend her Hungarian immigrant father against accusations of heinous war crimes committed 50 years earlier. VHS
126 minutes
Prime This play brings to life Primo Levi’s great testament to his year in Auschwitz. DVD
110 minutes
The Revolt of Job The joyful and heartbreaking story of an elderly Jewish couple determined to keep their heritage alive in the fact of Nazi extermination. VHS
98 minutes
Uprising The Jewish men and women of Warsaw, Poland are fighting back against their oppressors. This is a remarkable story about undaunted heroism. DVD
177 minutes
Varian’s War: One Man’s Fight An American journalist working in Europe at the outbreak of World War II, Varian Fry was appalled at the atrocities he witnessed. He became driven to fight against Nazi brutality, recognizing that action had to be taken if Jews, artists, intellectuals and European heritage were to survive.  VHS
Vienna Before the Fall This film centers on two lovers – one Jewish, one Aryan – who are blind to the escalating inhumanity which surrounds them. VHS
97 minutes