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The destruction of European Jewry in World War II, the most appalling example of genocide in all of recorded history, happened in the lifetime of many of us and continues to haunt us by the sheer magnitude of its human destruction and the diabolical nature of its plan and execution. That the holocaust was accomplished by one of the most civilized nations on earth is as enigmatic as it is appalling.

In the belief that this historic disease - for it is such - must be laid to rest with all other now defunct human plagues, educators and concerned citizens worldwide have instituted courses of study and research centers devoted to understanding the "why" and "how" of genocide.

In 1984, building on its tradition of Holocaust and genocide studies, Rider University established the Holocaust/Genocide Resource Center. Its mission is to gather and disseminate educational material and to explore the ramifications of the Holocaust and other genocides through holding conferences, discussion groups and workshops. The Center serves the University, other institutions of higher learning, secondary and primary schools, and the community.

In 1993, the Center was renamed to honor Julius and Dorothy Koppelman whose commitment and generosity has guaranteed the Center´s continued existence.

The Center is a member of the Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO); a founding member of the New Jersey Association of Holocaust Organizations(ANJHO); and is designated by the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education to house Holocaust and genocide materials.


The activities of The Julius and Dorothy Koppelman Holocaust/Genocide Resource Center at Rider University include:

  • Annual Workshops for high school teachers on Holocaust/Genocide topics
  • Annual Workshops for K-8 and middle school teachers on prejudice and prejudice reduction strategies
  • Annual Dorothy Koppelman Memoria Holocaust Lecture (Spring)
    • The Nineteenth Annual Dorothy Koppelman Memorial Holocaust Lecture
      Sunday, June 2, 2019 in the Student Center Fireside Lounge at l:00 p.m.
      Concert: Ed Golderg and The Odessa Klezmer Band
  • Annual interfaith commemorative programs for Kristallnacht (Fall) and Yom HaShoah (Spring)
    • The Annual Yom Hashoah Interfaith Commemorative Service
      Adath Israel Congregation
      Sunday, April, 2019 at 1:30 p.m.
      Speaker Dr. Elizabeth Scheiber, Co-Director of The Koppelman Center.
      A Hundred Years of Primo Levi (1919-1987)
      Also featuring Sharim V'Sharot, The Select Jewish Choir of Central New Jersey, Conducted by: Dr. Elayne Robinson Grossman
  • Annual Joan Levine Keats Social Justice Education Grants to elementary, middle and high school teachers to further the teaching of Holocaust/Genocide and prejudice reduction
  • Books and films on Holocaust/Genocide and prejudice reduction themes and topics available at the Center for use by teachers
  • Interfaith discussion groups in which Holocaust/Genocide and prejudice issues are considered by clergy of various faiths
  • Occasional conferences on the Holocaust at which national and international scholars and experts consider significant religious, social and political issues concerning the Holocaust
  • Humanitarian Awards to persons whose actions have furthered tolerance and understanding
  • Speakers Bureau and taveling programs
  • Regular exchanges of materials and information with other Holocaust resource centers, colleges and universities
  • Sponsorship of programs and activities relevant to Holocaust/Genocide and prejudice reduction issues


Director: Dr. Harvey Kornberg
Associate Directors: Dr. Elizabeth Scheiber & Dr. Marvin Goldstein

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Carol Azoff
Phone: (609)896-5345
Fax: (609)895-5684
E-mail: [email protected]