When students find themselves heading to a conduct meeting, two of the first questions are “what’s going to happen to me” and “what outcomes will I have to face.”

The quick answer is that it depends. At Rider University, we take multiple factors into account when assigning outcomes to conduct cases. Some of the questions we ask ourselves are: is this a first offense? How often is this behavior exhibited? What is the risk that the student is placing himself or herself in?

Possible outcomes for violation of the University alcohol policy include:

  • A fine ranging from $100 to $300
  • Mandatory Alcohol Education and/or counseling
  • Community Restitution
  • Parental Notification
  • Loss of campus driving privileges
  • Removal from campus housing

The Alcohol Policy will provide a complete list of possible alcohol sanctions.

Possible outcomes for violations of University polices can be found in The Source on pages 85-88.