Before You Leave Home

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Health Insurance Coverage for International Students

It is a New Jersey state law that all undergraduate students attending a University must have proof of health insurance coverage.  All international students are automatically billed for health insurance available through Rider University.  If you have insurance coverage similar to what Rider offers, you can bring a copy of your insurance policy, in English, to the Center for International Education’s office.

If your existing coverage is found to be comparable, a copy of your insurance policy will be made and you will be asked to sign a waiver for the insurance offered through Rider University. All waiver requests must be brought to the CIE office by the second week of classes.  All charges for insurance will be removed from your student bill if your insurance fee has been waived.

If you have any questions concerning our health insurance policy, please feel free to review the plan available from Student Health Services.

Immunizations & Health Forms

It is mandatory that all health forms be filled out by your physician prior to your arrival at Rider. View the Student Health Services page to download the Student Health Record form and the Meningitis Vaccine Reporting form.

After the Student Health Record form and the Meningitis Vaccine Reporting Form are completed by your physician, email them to the Center for International Education office at [email protected]. Submission of these forms is a pre-requisite to registration for classes.

If you are unable to receive the required vaccines in your home country, you can receive them at our Student Health Services office. There will be a fee is associated for each vaccine you take. View hours of operation for nurses and nurse practitioners.

What to Bring & Not to Bring to Rider University

As prepare to pack your luggage to come to Rider, we would like to remind you that while you will bring some things from home (clothes and other personal belongings), we will organize shopping trips to buy items such as pillows, blankets, etc., after you arrive in the United States. These trips will be offer during the orientation week.

What to Bring

  • All immigration documents (carry these on you)
  • Pictures of your family, home and country – for yourself and to share with friends
  • At least two months of prescribed medications
  • Items from your culture, such as: musical instruments, recordings of traditional music, picture books, arts and crafts

What NOT to Bring

  • Electrical items
  • Halogen bulbs, lamps or candles
  • Expensive jewelry and treasured possessions
  • Guns, knives, or any objects that look like weapons
  • Medications, unless you have written prescriptions from a doctor
  • Any article of clothing, artifact, or medicine made from endangered animals
  • Things you can easily buy in the United States, such as notebooks, pens, toiletries, towels, or bed sheets
  • Food, seeds, or plants