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Bridging Research, Instruction, and Discipline-Grounded Epistemologies

BRIDGE is aimed at the question developed by the Rider Scholarship of Teaching Committee during Fall 2000:

How can faculty across the disciplines help their students develop higher order thinking in diverse contexts?

To address the question, faculty participate in a sequence designed to raise consciousness of their often tacit assumptions about essential disciplinary modes of thinking, to consider how they might make those modes evident and accessible to their students through deliberately crafted assignments, and to assess the effectiveness of these assignments in fostering the desired thought processes. In a series of workshops that bring together nine faculty members representing disciplines from all campus Colleges, participants

  • reflect upon and articulate tacit disciplinary epistemologies
  • design and implement an assignment or series of assignments to encourage higher order thinking habits appropriate to the discipline
  • assess the effectiveness of the learning experience in each case by choosing from or adapting suggested assessment strategies, such as those outlined in Cross and Angelo’s Classroom Assessment Techniques (Jossey-Bass, 1993)
  • document their thinking and investigation in a case study format such as those in Opening Lines (Carnegie Foundation, 2000)
  • share their findings for review by peers in one or more venues

For more information, contact:
Dr. Arlene Wilner
Professor, Department of English
Director, Rider BRIDGE
[email protected]
(609) 895-5567
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