Rider Safe Rides

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Sponsored by the Transportation Office in collaboration with the Rider University Public Safety, Safe Rides is designed to aid students returning to campus safely.

Provider: The Safe Rides program is provided through the ride-share service, Lyft.  We encourage all students to have the app installed prior to calling for a Safe Ride to ensure a smoother process.

Sign Up

  • Complete the online waiver.  The waiver can be found in the Rider App, MyRider Quick Links, or by following this link.
  • Download the Lyft App on your mobile phone and activate your account.

When you need a Safe Ride

  • Have your Bronc ID ready.
  • Call Public Safety at 609-896-5029.
  • The Public Safety Officer will provide you with a Lyft code via text message.
  • Access your Lyft app to redeem your code.
  • Return safely to campus!

Safe Rides Program Parameters

  • Current Rider students are allowed two Safe Rides uses per semester.
  • Rides are limited to a 10-mile radius from either the Lawrenceville or Princeton campus, and the ride must return to either campus.
  • Students will be dropped off at the Public Safety Office and are required to check in with Public Safety.
  • Each ride code will cover up to $20 worth of ride credit.
  • Rides are available Thursday – Saturday from 10pm until 6am.
  • Additional tips or fees paid to a driver will be charged to the personal credit card registered to the student’s Lyft account.
  • Students are to abide by Rider University’s Code of Conduct for the duration of their ride.

How to Request a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle: Within the Lyft app, go to Settings, and then Services to select Access mode. You will receive an in-app notification with instructions to dial a dedicated phone number for dispatching accessible vehicles.


  1. Match the license plate, make, model and color of the vehicle to the same in your ride share app.
  2. Match your driver with the photo in your ride share app.
  3. Confirm the driver’s name.
  4. Ask the driver "WHAT'S MY NAME?”
  5. If any of the information doesn’t match up, DO NOT get into the vehicle!

Contact: For questions regarding the Safe Rides program, please contact the Transportation Office at 609-896-7151 or by email at [email protected].