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Room Capacities and Square Footage Chart

Room Square Feet Theater Style (rows of chairs) Round Tables w/ Chairs (72" table and 10 chairs) Classroom Style (6' table and 3 chairs) Conference Style (6' table and chairs around) U-Shape (6' tables and chairs)
Bart Luedeke Center
Theater 3440 376 x x x x
Cavalla Room 6600 750 400 150 x 80
Commuter Lounge 2400 60 60 x x x
Room 14 560 x x x 19 x
Room 257 460 x x 18 x x
Multicultural Conference Room 195 x x x 8 x
Art Gallery 1500 90 60 x 20 20
Fireside Lounge (245) 2400 125 100 60 40 34
Pub 2000 x x 56 x x
Cranberry's 3740 x 250 x x x
Faculty Dining Room 1280 x 66 x x x
Student Recreation Center
Shapiro Board Room 365 x x x 18 x
Small Conference Room 330 x x x x 7
Seminar Room 650 100 60 50 30 30
Single Court 3525 400 280 x x x
All Courts 10575 1800 840 x x x
Atrium 1630 x 70 x x x
Athletics Hall of Fame 1215 30 30 x x x
Sweigart Business Building
Auditorium 1360 98 x x x x
Board Room 1115 x x x 35 x
Fine Arts
Yvonne Theater 4860 458 x x x x
Studio Theater 1535 91 x x x x
Gill Chapel
Sanctuary 3650 250 x x x x
Wismer Room 960 x 40 x x x
Daly Dining Hall
Lawrenceville Room 650 x 64 x x x
Princeton Room 650 x 64 x x x
Mercer Room (rooms above combined) 1300 x 128 x x x
Main Dining Room 3825 x 700 x x x
North Hall
Shapiro Conference Room (202) 1170 120 x 45 36 34
General Services Conference Room 360 x x x 12 x
Alumni Gym 15735 2500 x x x x

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Room Set-up Options

Theater Style - Rows of chairs facing the front of the room.

Classroom Style - Six foot tables with seating for three on one side all facing the front of the room.

Round Tables w/Chairs - Round tables with chairs around (usually 10 chairs per table).

Conference Style - Six foot tables pushed together with chairs around.

Room Diagrams

Please submit room diagrams to Auxiliary Services at least one week prior to your event. Forms can be added as an attachment to your Event Request Form. They may also be e-mailed to [email protected] or faxed to 609-896-7707. Failure to submit a room diagram prior to your event will result in accepting the room "as is" and resources including but not limted to tables, chairs, podiums, etc. may not be available.