Students gained real stock market experience while participating in the Student Investment Challenge.
Meaghan Haugh
Kevin Tallaksen, Michael Szubrowski ’11, M.B.A. ’14, John Farrell, Dr. Anne Carroll, Alex Lamon ’14, Kelvin Javier ’14.

Kevin Tallaksen, Michael Szubrowski ’11, M.B.A. ’14, John Farrell, Dr. Anne Carroll, Alex Lamon ’14, Kelvin Javier ’14.

This fall, more than 45 students competed in the College of Business Administration’s second annual Student Investment Challenge.

During the 10-week competition, 11 student teams invested $1 million of virtual money in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and equities, which they monitored through Stock Trak, a simulated stock market game. Each team had an adviser, who is either a faculty member or finance professional, guide students in their decisions and answer their questions. The competition was designed so that the team with the most money remaining won.

“The whole purpose of the investment challenge is for you to learn about investing,” said John Farrell, assistant dean of the Graduate Programs for CBA, to the students during the awards ceremony. “This game gave you the opportunity to learn those lessons hands on. One thing I really hoped you learned was how to work as a team, how to listen and how to make decisions.”

The first place team included Kelvin Javier ’14; Kevin Tallaksen; Christina Yasay ’14; Alex Lamon ’14; Michael Szubrowski ’11, M.B.A. ’14; and adviser Dr. Anne Carroll, associate dean of Undergraduate Programs for the College of Business Administration. The team, which was recognized during an awards ceremony on December 7, credited its success to teamwork and paying attention to the news and stock market. They invested in small businesses, but ensured diversification in their investments.

“It gave us the confidence to go invest in the stock market,” Javier said.

The second place team included students Prema Sudersan ’13, Ian Nyathi ’13, Kyle Renz ’13, Ankit Tak ’13, Jonathan Moyer ’13; and adviser Dr. Charmen Loh, associate professor of Finance. The third place team included students Meena Guirguis ’13; Anthony Correale ’13; Alana Batts ’13; Milorad Milosovici ’13; Ben Casal ’13; and adviser Dr. David Suk, associate professor of Finance.

In the spring, Rider plans to participate in a transatlantic stock market challenge against students from Centre d’études Franco americain de management (CEFAM) in Lyon, France.