The Spring 2010 promotion and tenure cases were recently announced by Dr. Donald Steven, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs. Twelve members of Rider University’s faculty and Athletics staff earned promotions, and five were granted tenure as well. The achievements of these 12 members of the Rider community were recognized by their departmental colleagues, the Promotion and Tenure Committee and the Board of Trustees.

Rising from Associate Professor to Professor are Dr. Matthew Boyd Goldie of the Department of English; and James Goldsworthy of the Department of Piano and Voice. Five instructors move from Assistant Professor II to Associate Professor with tenure: Dr. Joel Feldman of the Department of Philosophy; Dr. Lucien Frary of the Department of History; Dr. Mickey Hess of the Department of English; Dr. Stephane Natan of the Department of Foreign Language and Literatures; and Dr. Kim Chandler Vaccaro of the Department of Fine Arts.

Three faculty members rise from Assistant Professor I to Assistant Professor II. They are Dr. Heather Casey of the Department of Teacher Education; Dr. Eugene Kutcher of the Department of Management and Human Resources; and Dr. Vanita Neelakanta of the Department of English. 

Diane Campbell of Moore Library was promoted to Assistant Professor II-Librarian , while Regina Dain of the Department of Athletics was promoted to the rank of Athletics Staff II from Athletics Staff I. 

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Donald Wygal, associate professor of Accounting, has accepted an invitation from the British Accounting Association to provide a plenary address to the Special Interest Group in Accounting Education at its annual meeting in Dublin, Ireland, on May 27. Dr. Wygal is a past president of the Teaching, Learning and Curriculum (TLC) Section of the American Accounting Association. The TLC is a 1,600-member group of educators formed in 1990 to promote the advancement of accounting education. In 2008, he became the fourth person to be inducted into the TLC Hall of Honor.

Dr. Wygal is also concluding a second three-year term as an associate editor of Issues in Accounting Education, and continues to serve on the editorial boards of the Journal of Accounting Education, the Institute of Management Accounts International Education Case Journal, and the Accounting Education: an International Journal. He is completing his third year as a member of the Steering Committee of the Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting.

Dr. Ciprian S. Borcea, professor of Mathematics, had a paper entitled “Periodic Frameworks and Flexibility,” written in collaboration with Dr. Ileana Streinu of Smith College in Massachusetts, appear in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A (Physical and Mathematical Sciences) in March 2010. “Periodic Frameworks and Flexibility” provides the foundations of a geometric deformation theory for periodic structures as exhibited by crystalline materials and infinite trusses. This theory may be conceived as a periodic version of the theory of finite linkages, which goes back to James Clerk Maxwell in 1864.

Dr. Ciprian’s work with Dr. Streinu is part of a larger project entitled “Combinatorial and Algorithmic Rigidity: Beyond Two Dimensions,” which is sponsored by a DARPA grant under the 23 Mathematical Challenges program. Dr. Ciprian and Dr. Streinu feel particularly gratified that research performed at their respective institutions is represented in the publications of The Royal Society in this, its 350th anniversary. 

Dr. Ilhan Meric, professor of Finance, had a paper entitled “A Comparison of the Determinants of Stock Returns in the 1987 and 2008 Stock Market Meltdowns” accepted for publication in the Banking and Finance Review. The paper was coauthored by Dr. Jia Wan and Dr. Gulser Meric, the John. H. Campbell professor of Finance at Rowan University, and Dr. Zugang Liu of the Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Meric, along with Dr. Larry M. Prober, associate professor of Accounting, and Dr. Benjamin H. Eichhorn, associate professor of Actuarial Sciences, had an article entitled “A Principal Components Analysis of the Portfolio Diversification Benefits of Investing in Emerging Stock Markets” published in the fall 2009 issue of Middle Eastern Finance and Economics. Dr. Gulser Meric is a coauthor of the article.

Dr. Meric, along with Dr. Kathleen Dunne, associate professor of Accounting, and Dr. Charles W. McCall, associate professor of Economics, had an article entitled “Performance of Exchange-Traded Sector Index Funds in the October 9, 2007 to March 9, 2009 Bear Market” published in the January 2010 issue of the Journal of Finance and Accountancy. Dr. Gulser Meric is a coauthor of the article.

Dr. Meric, along with Dr. Ilene V. Goldberg, associate professor of Business Administration, and Dr. Ira Bruce Sprotzer, associate professor of and chair of the Department of Business Administration, had a paper entitled “Performance of U.S. Financial Sector and Bank Stocks: October 2002 to August 2009” accepted for publication in the International Research Journal of Finance and Economics. Dr. Gulser Meric is a coauthor of the paper.

Dr. Meric also presented two papers with his College of Business Administration colleagues at the Institute of Business and Finance Research Conference on January 3-6, 2010. The first paper, entitled “Global Financial Crisis and the Performance of Country Index Funds in the October 9, 2007 to March 9, 2009 Bear Market,” was coauthored by Dr. Christine Lentz, associate professor of Management and Human Resources, and Dr. Wayne Smeltz, associate professor of Entrepreneurial Studies.

The second paper, entitled “Variety Enterprises Corporation (VEC) – Capital Budgeting Decision,” was coauthored with Dr. Kathleen Dunne, associate professor of Accounting, and Sherry Li, assistant professor of Accounting. Dr. Gulser Meric is a coauthor of both papers. Both papers received the Outstanding Research Paper Award at the conference, an honor shared by just 17 percent of the papers presented at the conference. The first paper was conditionally accepted for publication in the Global Journal of Business Research with required revisions, and the second paper was conditionally accepted for publication in the Review of Business and Finance Case Studies, also with required revisions.

Dr. Don Ambrose, professor of Graduate Education, had his book, Expanding Visions of Creative Intelligence: An Interdisciplinary Exploration, published by Hampton Press, and also had the book Morality, Ethics, and Gifted Minds co-published, along with Tracy L. Cross, by Springer.

Dr. Stefan C. Dombrowski, professor and director of the School Psychology Program, had his book, Maternal Fever During Pregnancy: Association with Temperament, Behavior and Academic Outcomes in Children, published by VDM Verlag.

Robert J. Lackie, professor-librarian, had a book, Teaching Generation M: A Handbook for Librarians and Educators, co-published, along with Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic, by Neal-Schuman Publishers