Internship and co-ops remain integral to Rider’s mission of bringing experiential learning to its students
Adam Grybowski

Sam Breccia '15 received a competitive internship from Fox 29 in Philadelphia.

Rider University’s internship and co-op program continues to thrive. Located between Philadelphia and New York, Rider offers access to some of the world’s most competitive businesses, media companies and financial firms. The University also offers a well-connected faculty to help students land coveted positions.

"One of Rider's strengths is combining valuable internships with rigorous academics," says DonnaJean Fredeen, Rider's provost and vice president for Academic Affairs. "Our program gives students a definitive advantage as they embark on their careers."

Internships remain integral to Rider’s mission of bringing experiential learning to its students, meaning that they’re not only given the opportunity to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and execute it in the workplace, but learn from the workplace itself.

“Today’s student wants everything they do academically to relate to something they’ll do in the field,” says A.J. Moore, associate professor of journalism and the director of the department’s internship program.  

Under Moore’s guidance, about 45 students in the Department of Communications and Journalism receive internships or co-ops each semester.

Sam Breccia '15 received a competitive internship from Fox 29 in Philadelphia, where she's working on the Fox and Friends morning show from January through April. A Digital Media: Film, TV and Radio major, Brccecia appeared on camera in her first week and live tweeted the press conference where Gov. Chris Christie addressed revelations that his staff was involved with the shutdown of the George Washington Bridge.

Other recent internships include Sabrina Saffron, who was offered a paid co-op with Logo TV, a digital cable and satellite TV channel based in New York City, and Diana Gebbia, who was offered one with the radio station New Jersey 101.5. Nicholas L. Diodato was offered a full-time position at VaynerMedia as the photography assistant.

“Part of where I am today is based on the internships I’ve had, and internships are even more important now,” Moore says.

Unlike in other departments, Moore doesn’t directly place students in internships. Instead he serves as their guide, calling on his knowledge of the local job market as he helps them make smart choices during their search for the right match. “I want them to go out and get internships themselves because that mirrors the job search,” Moore says.

Internships also create terrific networking opportunities for students. “You’re not going to meet anyone if you don’t leave your dorm room,” Moore says. “When you go on an internship, you meet other people and that’s how your networking web starts to spread.”

Alexandria DiGregorio recently accepted a full-time job beginning in June 2014 from BlackRock, one of the biggest asset management firms in the world. DiGregorio was BlackRock intern during the summer of 2013. Likewise, this summer Anthony Pisano will intern with AIG, the global insurance company with corporate headquarters in New York City. Pisano had previous summer internships at AIG.

Extended internships and full-time employment are proof of the value of internships and co-ops gained through Rider. Check back with [email protected] for more stories of how internships led to student success.