JTerm courses run Monday-Thursday from January 6-24
David J. Pavlak

JTerms offers several advantages to students, including more student-faculty interaction.

Winter break is an opportunity that students relish as the holidays are finally here. However, some students aren’t putting down the books during break, but rather picking them up by taking JTerm classes.

JTerm courses run Monday-Thursday from January 6-24. A full list of courses and class descriptions can be found here.

Students who participate in the JTerm courses can lighten their spring workload, catch up on credits or leap forward in an attempt to graduate early. The three-week format encourages more dynamic student-faculty interaction.

Anastasia Snyder, a sophomore political science major, has taken JTerm courses to help speed up her general education courses and move into the courses centered on her major. “JTerm has allowed me to finish my general electives, and now I can focus on my core classes which are what I am really interested in,” she says.

Students who don’t want to spend their time in the classroom can take part in the Rider Shadow Experience. Students are matched with a professional in their field and will have the opportunity to observe the daily realities of the actual work environment. Students will go through a preparatory online seminar, a minimum of 25 on-site hours, and a final seminar.

Lori Nissim, a senior finance major, feels that the Rider Shadow Experience was beneficial to helping in her future endeavors. “My shadow experience not only helped me decide what field in finance I had the most interest in, but it also led to an internship," she says. " I was able to learn about the inner workings of a friendly office environment and sat with many successful people in my field and picked their brains.”

Only students who have taken 45 or more credits with a GPA of 3.0 or higher can participate in the Rider Shadow Experience. Students should submit an application by December 15 to be considered.

For more information on JTerm courses or the Rider Shadow Experience, contact the College of Continuing Studies at 609-896-5033 or ccs@rider.edu.