Tour provides tips on better sustainability practices

From left, Patty Barthel, Laura Seplaki, Kerrin Toner, Jessier Fornal and Lori DeTuro

At Rider, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to keep green initiatives in mind as they go about their daily lives. In addition, the community is offered numerous ways to continue to learn best practices in green living. 

Last week, during the week of Campus Sustainability Day activities, Laura Seplaki, Associate Director for the Center for the Development of Leadership Skills (CDLS), brought Rider students on a field trip to the Waste Management Single Stream Recycling Center in Philadelphia to illustrate first hand how even simple recycling choices can create lasting change. 

Students were given an overview of the history of recycling and provided an opportunity to tour the facility. Among the valuable takeaways was the importance of not including disposable plastic bags with other recyclable materials since they are not processed the same way as other plastics (such bags should be brought to supermarkets that offer plastic bag recycling programs). And the fact that pizza boxes can be recycled even if the box is less than pristine.

Students were offered the opportunity to tour the facility through Rider's Center for the Development of Leadership Skills. Waste Management is the largest residential recycler in the country and recovers and processes over 8.5 million tons of plastic, paper and metal each year.   

Most importantly, students learned the many strides made in recycling during their lifetime and encouraged to spread the word to their classmates.

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