Noreen Goldberg's internship at New York's renowned Quad Recording Studios confirms her career goals.
Anne Sears

Noreen Goldberg '15 spent the summer interning at Quad Recording Studios in New York.

Not every Westminster Choir College student can say that she bought grape Fanta soda for rapper Bow Wow. But that was just one of the many duties assigned to Westminster student Noreen Goldberg '15 during her summer internship at the legendary Quad Recording Studios in New York, where artists ranging from Madonna to U2 to Bob Dylan have made some of their most famous recordings.

“We had to create an environment that fit the artist’s comfort zone,” Goldberg said. “I had to work starting from the bottom up, but it was worth it in the end.”  Attending to the artists’ comfort was just one part of her job. She also made sure the proper equipment was ready and in place for each session.

Goldberg also learned a great deal from the Quad Studios staff.

“I came in with some previous knowledge of recording, but left with so much more! I learned a lot about the technology aspects of recording, such as some basics in ProTools, learned about all of the different microphones in the studio and what specific instruments each could be used for, what the make up of each mic was, and used a patch bay in the studio,” she said. “I also familiarized myself with different types of compressors, equalizers and amplifiers, and learned about troubleshooting. I took notes every day on the new things I learned in the studio. I gained greater knowledge about the studio environment and its fast pace through my experience behind the scenes. I strengthened my communication and networking skills and learned more about my own independence.“

Goldberg, who is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Music, is planning on a career in music production. “I want to song-write and produce for other artists,” she said. “In the end I see myself in the studio. I’m sure there will be some bumps along the way, but this is my ultimate goal.”

Her summer internship was an ideal way to learn more about the business.

“Interning in a recording studio was on my bucket list for a long time. I wanted to experience the studio life so that I could really validate what I wanted to do for a career,” Goldberg said. “This has motivated me even more to get involved with the industry. I ultimately want to become a songwriter/producer for other artists, as well as get more involved in the YouTube scene. I am currently a YouTuber (, and with my new knowledge I can create recordings and videos that are even better than before. Seeing artists write songs in the studio, coming up with words so quickly and on the spot, inspired me to come up with my own songs even quicker. As far as producing my own works, I can take all that I’ve learned and apply it to my own career path. “

Goldberg’s Westminster classical music training also came in handy. “One day I assisted an engineer who was working on a song, and he asked me to figure out its key so he could adjust the auto-tune of the vocals, “ she recalled.  “Thanks to my education at Westminster, I was able to figure out the key in no time and he was very impressed!”