Milvian Prieto ’15, a Radio and Television major, is sharing her study abroad experience in Barcelona, Spain, with the world through her blog, “Milvian Goes Abroad.”
Meaghan Haugh

Milvian Prieto ’15 visited Parc Güell during her study abroad experience in Spain.

Since Milvian Prieto ’15 arrived in Barcelona, Spain earlier this month, the Radio and Television major has been sharing her study abroad adventures in her blog, “Milvian Goes Abroad.” From describing her courses at the Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona to sharing the beauty of the city’s Gothic architecture, Prieto expresses her passion for the Spanish culture and desire to master the language.

An avid traveler (she’s traveled to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Rome, Mexico, Canada, and the majority of the Caribbean Islands), she discovered the beauty of Barcelona when she traveled abroad with her mother for six days last year.

“I fell in love with the city and culture and realized that a week wasn’t enough. I pictured myself being able to live here,” said Prieto, who can speak Spanish at an intermediate level and hopes to master the language while abroad. “What sealed the deal of me choosing Barcelona was that it is the capital of Catalonia, which is a province in Spain that is totally different from the rest of the country. Also, the beach and its proximity to major cities in Europe was a major factor in choosing Barcelona.”

Though Prieto has only been in Barcelona for a few weeks, she knows the experience will be one that she will never forget. She has had a chance to already network with people from around the world.

“Traveling independently, I'm growing a lot as a person and I'm stepping out of my usual comfort zone,” she said. “As my field of study is in communications and media, perfecting the Spanish language will be beneficial in my future pursuits.”

Prieto will be studying abroad in Barcelona until April 26, and plans to travel around Europe for another two weeks.

Read more about her travels on her blog.