Green may not be one of Rider's school colors, but the Broncs are proud to "Go Green" in support of the University's continuing efforts to become more sustainable.
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Green may not be one of Rider's school colors, but the Broncs are proud to "Go Green" in support of the University's continuing efforts to become more sustainable. Rider's annual 5K Walk/Run for Women's Athletics started the initiative to be part of the University's "Broncs Go Green" sustainability program three years ago.

Each year, Rider's Office of Sustainability graciously donates BPA-free reusable water bottles that are filled, chilled and given out to participants as they cross the finish line. All participants in the walk/run are also given an organic commemorative t-shirt at registration with the cost of the shirts partially funded by the Office of Sustainability as well.

"'Green' initiatives at Rider used to stem only from the Office of Sustainability," said Melissa Greenberg, Rider's sustainability coordination manager. "Over recent years, more departments have made a conscious effort to "green" various aspects of their operations and the Department of Athletics has become a great partner in making Rider more sustainable."

Some additional efforts include tracking and reporting miles for away contests so the travel information can be included in the University's annual greenhouse gas emissions inventory, providing athletics representation on the Energy and Sustainability Steering Committee (Pam Durkin, associate head women's basketball coach, currently serves in that role) and no longer printing media guides and a few other department publications in an effort to save paper. Some of the publications that were printed in the past are now only posted online on the athletics website

"We realized a few years ago that there was so much we could do as a department to protect the environment and we've tried to expand on our efforts each year," said Karin Torchia, associate director of athletics for external operations and senior women's administrator. "We've gotten tremendous support from the Office of Sustainability and I couldn't be happier with the results we've seen in just a short time."

Most recently, the Department of Athletics purchased new trash and recycle cans in an effort to make it easier for users of Alumni Gym and the Maurer Center to dispose of waste properly. "The new trash and recycle cans we purchased over the summer are customizable display receptacles that will allow us to enhance our corporate identity and go "green" at the same time," Torchia said. "Not only do they make it easier to clearly identify which cans are for general trash and which are for recyclable materials, but they have a unique marketing and branding aspect as well. We purchased the cans through Malone Industrial Products and a big selling point was the replaceable graphic display panels that allow us to creatively advertise and promote special events, our logos or our corporate sponsors.

They will be a great addition to our indoor facilities this year while continuing to enhance our sustainability."

For more information on the Department of Athletics' efforts to "Go Green" or the pictured customizable trash and recycle cans, please contact Karin Torchia at 609-896-5249 or [email protected].