Several Rider faculty members are serving on the advisory boards of Lawrence High School’s academies.
Meaghan Haugh

With Lawrence High School planning to transform its curriculum to an academy format in the fall, district officials are turning to Rider University for its expertise and guidance. In fact, several faculty members are already serving on the advisory boards of the three academies.

In addition to taking language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and health, safety and physical education courses, Lawrence High students in their junior and senior years will have the opportunity to take the special elective courses through the Academy of Business & International Studies, Academy of Arts and Humanities or the Academy of Science and Technology. Course offerings will range from Performing Arts and Multimedia Arts to Business Education and Technology. Students will also be able to participate in internships and community service. The academies are designed to expose students to potential careers and prepare them for college.

Currently, advisory board members from Rider include John Farrell, assistant dean of the College of Business Administration’s Graduate and Professional Programs, for the Academy of Business & International Studies; Dr. Kathleen Pierce, department chair and assistant professor of Teacher Education, for the Academy of Arts and Humanities; and Dr. Kathleen Browne, assistant provost in the Teaching & Learning Center, for the Academy of Science and Technology.

Recently, Farrell and Dr. Lauren Eder, chair and professor of the Computer Information Systems department, ran an International Business Professional Development Seminar for 13 teachers and administrators from Lawrence High School.

The May 5 seminar on Rider’s Lawrenceville campus was aimed to further the educators’ knowledge and understanding of conducting business in the global economy, and understanding of business and cultural challenges facing domestic and international business.

For example, during one of the sessions, “The Global Enterprise — Going Global,” Farrell described the ways of globalization, managing a global business, ethical challenges and human resources. He said there are number of ways that businesses can expand across the globe, including Internet sales, exporting, franchising, licensing, outsourcing and joint ventures.

“What are some big name licenses? What are the challenges of licensing?” Farrell asked the seminar participants. Immediately, almost everyone in the room named McDonald’s and described how the franchise differs across the globe. For example, a McDonald’s in Puerto Rico may serve plantains, local drinks and different types of condiments than a McDonald’s in New Jersey.

The idea for the seminar evolved from conversations among Farrell, Eder and Jeffrey Rick ’91, M.A. ’09, a business education teacher and leader of the Academy of Business and International Studies. Rick met Farrell while taking a Finance elective for his Master of Arts in Teaching program, and since then, Farrell has visited his class to talk about international business and recently signed on to serve on the advisory board of the academy.

“He really has been a link between Lawrence High and Rider, by providing knowledge and resources, and answering technical questions,” Rick explained. “It’s a great partnership we are building between Rider and Lawrence High School.”

When Rick learned that he had to find professional development opportunities in the areas of business and international studies, he turned to Farrell for guidance. Eder and Farrell designed an interactive seminar for the academy blending the challenges of business from both cultural and commercial perspectives.

“We never have had an opportunity to really sit and talk about ideas. The seminar is really creating an effective team which will help move the academy further,” Rick said. “I’m so impressed with no matter who I talk to at Rider, they are willing to help with the academy and courses.”

The rest of the International Business seminar participants included Marilyn Burke, Consumer Science teacher; Isabel Fernandez, World Language teacher (Spanish); Robert Gonzalez, World Language teacher (Spanish); Denise Howarth, Consumer Science teacher; Maria Iacono, World Language teacher (Italian); Francine Jonas, Student Services; Warren Paton, Math teacher; Tsun-Ju Lin, World Language teacher (Mandarin); Nicholas Stucka, World Language teacher (French/ESL); Rosemary Sorenson, Math teacher; Stacey Zegas, Student Services;  and Dr. Erin Servillo, supervisor of Special Education.