Meaghan Haugh

Campus leaders at a prior 9/11 Peaceful Tomorrows Ceremony.

When terrorists hijacked two airliners and crashed them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, this fall’s incoming Rider students were in elementary school. Therefore, the Sept. 11 attacks and the aftermath of the events might not be vivid in their memories compared to students from previous years, according to David Keenan, director of Campus Life.

That’s why members of Campus Life, the Student Government Association (SGA) and The Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics, are teaming up to add an educational component to the traditional Sept. 11 remembrance events on the Lawrenceville campus. 

The Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics will welcome John J. Farmer, professor of Law and dean of Rutgers School of Law–Newark, on Sunday, September 12. Farmer will speak at 7 p.m. in the Mercer Room of Daly Dining Hall.  

From 2003-2004, Farmer served as senior counsel and team leader for the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (or the 9/11 Commission). He was a principal author of the Commission’s final report, and he later wrote The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America’s Defense on 9/11.

In addition, Lawrenceville campus leaders are planning to hold the 9/11 Peaceful Tomorrows Ceremony on the morning of September 11 in front of Moore Library, to pay tribute to the lives lost. SGA leaders are also considering a fundraising effort to support an existing Sept. 11 foundation.